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Maximize your experience at the Institute by attending professional development events and workshops.

Events & Workshops

The Center for Advising and Career Services hosts events, workshops and courses throughout the year including: career exploration workshops, employer information sessions, skill-focused workshops, and a Career Management course. Whether you're preparing for an internship or applying to your first post-graduate position, attending these events will help you hone your resume building skills and launch your dream career. See our events calendar for further details on upcoming events.

Career Fairs 2015

The Institute hosted a series of focused career fairs exclusively for the Institute community. Our trusted employer partners shared information about their mission and recruited for internships, work-study, consultancies and full-time positions. This year we hosted three career fairs, each with a distinct focus:

Monterey TILM Career Fair 2015 (Translation, Interpretation & Localization Management focus)

When: Friday, February 27th, 2015 

Where: Monterey Conference Center, Monterey, CA

  • 175+ Students attended the TILM Career Fair
  • 25+ TILM Alumni attended TILM Career Fair 2015 as job seekers
  • 100 Employer representatives
  • 50+ Employer organizations
  • 200+ Interviews will be conducted in and around the Career Fair

View the list of this year's participating organizations.

“MIIS offers a high caliber of students committed to the language industry”


SF Bay Area Policy & Management Career Fair 2015 (GSIPM focus)

When: Friday, March 13th, 2015 

Where: Federal Building, San Francisco, CA

  • 100+ Students and recent alumni attended the Career Fair
  • 40+ Employer representatives
  • 25+ Employer organizations

Our event included alumni who represented organizations at both the Career Fair and reception.

View the list of this year's participating organizations.

“The MIIS Career Fair was an opportunity to meet high caliber and high impact students who know how they will make a difference in the world.“

-Foundation for Community Development & Empowerment

Washington DC Policy & Management Career Fair 2015 (GSIPM focus)

When: Friday, March 20th, 2015

Where: Middlebury in DC, Washington, DC

  • 40+ Students attended the Career Fair
  • 25+ Employer representatives
  • 15+ Employer organizations

View the list of this year's participating organizations.

“The Middlebury students were equal parts inspired and enthusiastic. We’re looking forward to the next time we interact with Middlebury.“

–Thomson Reuters Special Services