Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Experience your new community firsthand: join us online and in person to meet your peers, current students, alumni, staff, and faculty.

In Person Events

Summer Preview Day

July 14, 2017

460 Pierce Street, Monterey, CA 93940

Join prospective and admitted students for a day of events: meet one-on-one with advisors, attend a master class, network with professors and current students from around the world, and much more.

Past Online Events

Recordings of these past online discussions are available in MIcommunity, the online hub for admitted students at the Middlebury Institute.

The Economic Argument for a Middlebury Institute Graduate Degree

Join the Director for the Center for the Blue Economy and Program Chair of the International Environmental Policy, Dr. Jason Scorse, for an interactive discussion about the value of a graduate degree today.

Middlebury’s Raw Case Method of Learning

Meet Professor Yuwei Shi and learn about the innovative approach to learning business success and social impact pioneered by our MBA faculty and students.

The Culture of Innovation at the Middlebury Institute

Join Dr. Jeffrey Langholz to learn about how one student and faculty collaboration resulted in a $50,000 prize and highly successful innovative business, Water City.

The World of Financial Crime

Interested in stopping cyber thieves, kleptocrats, terrorist financiers and money launderers?  Professor Moyara Ruehsen will walk you through the new Financial Crime Management specialization (available to students in all of our degree programs) and the exciting careers it opens up: from investigative units at private banks to the FBI to compliance at tech companies like AirBnB. 

Latest Advancements in North Korea’s Nuclear Program

North Korea has had five nuclear tests and dozens of missile launches in the last few years. What does this mean for the region and the world? Senior Research Associate with the Center for Nonproliferation Studies, Melissa Hanham, will show how we can learn about North Korea's capabilities using open source information available online.

The Intersection of Technology, Translation, and Business

Employers across the globe rely on the Middlebury Institute as their go-to source for localization managers. In line with the rapid growth of the localization industry, we have transformed our program to give students the option to specialize in translation, technology (localization), or business management. Professor Max Troyer, chair of our Translation and Localization Management program, will fill you in on this exciting industry.

Using Data Analysis for Improved Community Relations with Law Enforcement

Salinas Valley Law Enforcement was granted $1.7 million to improve community relations with law enforcement across the Salinas valley. The “Why’d you stop me?” program, funded by this grant, is meant to increase community trust, satisfaction and cooperation with law enforcement in Salinas. Our own Professor Philip Murphy and his team of students at the Mixed-Methods Evaluation and Training Lab are serving as the program evaluator. Join Professor Murphy as he discusses his work making data relevant locally and globally.

Integrating Peace Corps Service and Experience 

The Institute and Peace Corps have been partnering together for over 20 years. Last year, Peace Corps retired the Peace Corps Master's International program but you can still integrate Peace Corps service into your master's degree at the Middlebury Institute through our recently launched Options for Peace Corps Service. Jill Stoffers, Senior Director of Institutional Partnerships, will explain this exciting new offer. Jill will be joined by current students who are RPCVs. They will discuss our vibrant Peace Corps club and being on a campus of students from over 60 countries.

Our International Community (featuring the Dean of the Institute)

The current political climate in the U.S. and in several European countries has put immigration in the spotlight. At the Middlebury Institute we are not just part of a global community—we are a global community. One third of our students and half the school’s faculty are originally from other countries, and the alumni network stretches all over the world. Our 800 students come from 64 countries and speak 42 first languages. In this discussion you will hear from the Dean of the Institute, Jeff Dayton-Johnson, and two students who have lived, studied, and worked abroad and in the U.S. They will share their views on our community and the decision they made to be at the Institute at this time.

Policy Meets Management: Joint Degrees

For businesses to be sustainable and for policies to be successfully implemented, the worlds of policy and management need to understand each other and work together. Our Joint MBA / MA in International Policy and Development and Joint MBA / MA in International Environmental Policy allow you to earn two degrees in five semesters, preparing you for a career that can bridge disciplines that often look at each other with skepticism. Join the Dean of our Policy and Management school, Kent Glenzer, in discussing the career benefits of these joint degrees. Students pursuing only one degree can take advantage of interdisplinary classes, centers, and other resources that Dean Glenzer will highlight.