Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Kimani DeShields-Williams

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Undergrad BA, three languages and literature, with minors in international business and business administration, University of Delaware

Fast Fact I helped deliver my little sister!

My Journey to MIIS I first discovered MIIS my sophomore year of college after my Arabic professor suggested the language programs to my class. Two years later during the winter of my senior year of college, I searched for programs that suited my interests and had fantastic language opportunities. After taking a leap of faith, I applied, got accepted, and took the journey from the East Coast to Monterey!

Language of Study Arabic is without a doubt a tough language to learn; however, I fell in love with it after a study abroad program my junior year. I am continuing my Arabic education with the hopes of one day having the versatility to work pretty much anywhere in the world with the addition of my French and Spanish skills.

Immersive Opportunities I look forward to doing International Professional Service Semester (IPSS) the most!

Student Life As a first-semester student, I am still exploring all of the opportunities available on campus. However, there are many choices for anyone. I am also a graduate assistant in Office Services and love to take advantage of the info sessions and other meetings happening during quiet hours on campus!

My Favorite Things about Monterey The diversity! I use public transportation every day and find myself meeting people from everywhere around the world with interesting life experiences. Also, there are many exciting festivals and farmers’ markets.