Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Chen (Holly) Song

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Ask me about Translation and Interpretation, Conference Interpretation, or Translation in Chinese, Korean, or Japanese

Undergrad Beijing Language and Culture University

Fast Fact First year conference interpretation student. Struggling and surviving!

My Journey to MIIS I knew that I loved interpretation but was not sure if that would be my career. It was not until I finished my study and internship in Britain that I realized being an interpreter was where my passion lay. I looked up on the MIIS website, talked to staff and the former student ambassador, and did my research. Then I decided that I had to get into this great school!

During my preparation, I found “10 Ways to Prepare” extremely helpful (www.miis.edu/admissions/apply/prepare). I basically followed all of them and tried to be up to standard. My experience in public speaking and competitive debating helped, too. When the application was open, I submitted all documents, finished my EDT (Early Diagnostic Test), and after a long month, I got it!

Language of Study

A Language: Chinese

B Language: English

Immersive Opportunities I spent my junior year at the University of Birmingham. I took international relations and political economy as my electives, which turned out to be very helpful in a lot of ways. The people were really nice and I made very good friends there. The weather was terrible.

Student Life I love MIIS so far. It’s very diverse and lively. Students work so hard as well! It’s a good place for you to acquire knowledge and prepare yourself for your career. There are a bunch of student clubs and activities going on. You can always find your gang and recharge yourself.

My Favorite Things about Monterey It’s a really, really small town, but it’s beautiful! The best beaches and all the wildlife you run into will make your day! Try out kayaking and scuba diving when summer comes!