Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Admission Requirements

Professor Nuhket Kardam & Students

Professor Nükhet Kardam talks with her students between classes.

Admission to the Institute is based on your prior academic performance, professional experience and foreign language proficiency.

Requirements by Program

Master's Degree Programs

► Development Practice & Policy (including MA in International Policy & Development, and Master of Public Administration)
► Fisher MBA in Global Impact Management
► International Education Management
► International Environmental Policy
► International Trade and Economic Diplomacy
► Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies
► Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
► Teaching Foreign Language (TFL)
► Translation, Interpretation and Localization Management (including MA in Conference Interpretation, MA in Translation and Interpretation, MA in Translation and MA in Translation and Localization Management)

Bachelor's Degree Program

► Bachelor of Arts in International Studies

Joint Master's Degree Programs

► Joint MBA / MA in International Environmental Policy
► Joint MBA / MA in International Policy and Development
► Joint MPA / MA in International Education Management

Language Proficiency Requirements

Language study is an essential component of our degree programs, highlighting our commitment to facilitating cross-cultural dialogue and bridging linguistic barriers. Our student body represents over 50 countries, and most of our students and faculty are proficient in a second language. Therefore, our campus is the quintessential environment for strengthening your language skills.

You must demonstrate foreign language proficiency for admission. Please review our program-specific language requirements carefully before you start your application.