Admission Requirements

Professor Nuhket Kardam & Students

Admission to the Institute is based on your prior academic performance, professional experience and foreign language proficiency.

Requirements by Program

Master's Degree Programs

► Development Practice & Policy (including MA in International Policy & Development, and Master of Public Administration)
► Fisher MBA in Global Impact Management
► International Education Management
► International Environmental Policy
► International Trade and Economic Diplomacy
► Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies
► Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
► Teaching Foreign Language (TFL)
► Translation, Interpretation and Localization Management (including MA in Conference Interpretation, MA in Translation and Interpretation, MA in Translation and MA in Translation and Localization Management)

Bachelor's Degree Program

► Bachelor of Arts in International Studies

Joint Master's Degree Programs

► Joint MBA / MA in International Environmental Policy
► Joint MBA / MA in International Policy and Development
► Joint MPA / MA in International Education Management

Language Proficiency Requirements

Language study is an essential component of our degree programs, highlighting our commitment to facilitating cross-cultural dialogue and bridging linguistic barriers. Our student body represents over 50 countries, and most of our students and faculty are proficient in a second language. Therefore, our campus is the quintessential environment for strengthening your language skills.

You must demonstrate foreign language proficiency for admission. Please review our program-specific language requirements carefully before you start your application.