Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Summer Language Scholarships

French Class at the Institute

French class at the Institute

Do you want to boost your language skills or learn a new language in preparation for your master’s or bachelor’s program? If you’re an admitted student, you may qualify for a summer language scholarship.

Summer Language Scholarship Award

June to August, 2016

To qualify for the 2016 summer language scholarship, you must be admitted to a degree program at the Middlebury Institute.

You will received a full scholarship to one of the following programs:

Languages of Study

  • Arabic - Beginning or Intermediate
  • Chinese (Mandarin) - Intermediate
  • English - English Preparation for Graduate Studies
  • French - Beginning or Intermediate
  • Japanese - Intermediate
  • Russian - Intermediate
  • Spanish - Beginning or Intermediate

Summer Language Scholarship Eligibility

You will qualify for a scholarship by demonstrating your need to improve your language skills or learn a new language in order to meet the language proficiency requirements for your degree program.

Eligible Degree Programs

How to Apply

Application Deadline: January 30th

  1. Complete your Summer Language Scholarship application.
  2. Submit your Middlebury Institute application for a master's degree program.