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Summer Language Scholarships

French Class at the Institute

French class at the Institute

Do you want to boost your language skills or learn a new language in preparation for your master’s or bachelor’s program? If you’re an admitted student, you may qualify for a summer language scholarship.

Summer Language Scholarship Award

June to August, 2016

To qualify for the 2016 summer language scholarship, you must be admitted to a degree program for Fall Semester 2016 at the Middlebury Institute.

You will be placed either in the Summer Intensive Language Program (SILP) in Monterey, or Middlebury Summer Language Schools based on your language level:

Languages of Study

  • Arabic - Beginning or Intermediate
  • Chinese (Mandarin) - Intermediate
  • English - English Preparation for Graduate Studies
  • French - Beginning or Intermediate
  • Japanese - Intermediate
  • Russian - Intermediate
  • Spanish - Beginning or Intermediate

For specific program dates and details, please check the Summer Intensive Language Program, English Preparation for Graduate Studies, or Middlebury Language Schools

Summer Language Scholarship Eligibility

You will qualify for a scholarship by demonstrating your need to improve your language skills or learn a new language in order to meet the language proficiency requirements for your degree program.

Eligible Degree Programs

How to Apply

Application Deadline: January 30th

  1. Complete your application for the Summer Language Scholarship by January 30, 2016
  2. Submit your Middlebury Institute application for a master's degree program by January 30, 2016