Outside Scholarships

We strongly recommend that students research outside scholarship opportunities to help cover the costs of tuition. Provided below are guidelines and search tools to assist students with this process.

Scholarship Guidelines

  • Searching and applying for scholarships is initiated by the student.
  • It is best to begin researching at the beginning of each year or in the Spring semester for the following academic year. The earlier you begin researching these possibilities, the greater the chance you will receive an outside scholarship or grant.
  • All outside scholarship awards are part of the financial aid package and must be reported to the financial aid office upon receiving a scholarship.
  • When applying for outside scholarships, applications are to be returned to the host organization providing the scholarship.

Where to Look For Scholarships

For your convenience, the Office of Student Financial Planning has compiled a list of Outside Scholarships that not only includes scholarships, but also fellowships, and grants to students. We recommend that you research the organizations on this list, along with performing your own scholarship search, to see if you are eligible to apply. All questions regading eligiblity should be directed toward the host ogranization providing the scholarship.

All international students should start by contacting a nearby Education USA Office for funding resources.