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AmeriCorps Partnership

Americorps & the Institute Alumnus

2011 MIIS grad, Jhon Arbalaez, shows his AmeriCorps pride.

AmeriCorps alumni may qualify for preferential consideration for the MIIS merit scholarship and matching funds for the AmeriCorps Segal Education Award.

About the Middlebury-AmeriCorps Partnership

Thanks to a partnership between the Middlebury Institute and AmeriCorps, students who demonstrate their commitment to service through AmeriCorps programs are recognized and valued as part of our campus community and global alumni network.

Merit Scholarship Eligibility

AmeriCorps alumni may qualify for preferential consideration for the MIIS merit scholarship, if they meet certain eligibility criteria as determined by the admissions and scholarship committees.

AmeriCorps Segal Education Award

We'll also match the AmeriCorps Segal Education Award annually up to the maximum award of $5,730, in addition to your merit scholarship award.

Highly qualified students may receive a merit scholarship and Segal Education Award covering, but not exceeding, full tuition.

Application Process

  1. To apply and receive preferential consideration for a merit scholarship, submit your online application for a degree program and supporting documents by our next priority scholarship deadline.
  2. Please also submit a separate written statement (100-200 words) to enroll@miis.edu that includes the following: 
    1. Organization where you worked (including location - city, state),
    2. Dates of service, and
    3. A short description of what you did in that position.
  3. To apply for your AmeriCorps Segal Education Award for a degree or certificate program, you must request the award using your AmeriCorps account.

Meet the Institute AmeriCorps Alumni

Jeff Swartz, the Institute MA International Environmental Policy '08
AmeriCorps Service: AmeriCorps VISTA 2006-2007 (New Orleans, LA)

Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Undergraduate School: University of the Pacific, BA in Chinese/BA in International Relations
Language of Study: Chinese
Current work: Director of International Policy for the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) in Geneva, Switzerland.

"When hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, I knew I needed to go there and to do something radical to help. I applied for AmeriCorps and my team that served in New Orleans ended up getting an award for being the number one VISTA program for creating the biggest impact that year. I also saw the affects of climate change for the first time while working in Louisiana. My interest in climate change and global warming was what led me to my interest in the Institute’s International Environmental Policy program. If it weren’t for the experience I had inAmericorps, I wouldn’t have made that connection and I wouldn’t be where I am today.”


Josh Warburg, the Institute Master of Public Administration '13
AmeriCorps Service: AmeriCorps NCCC (Western US) 2009-2011

Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Undergraduate School: UC Davis, major in Anthropology
Language of Study: Spanish
MPA Program Alumnus

"My experience in NCCC solidified my commitment to service and laid a foundation of leadership skills on which I wanted to continue to build. Team Leaders are asked to lead small groups with very different personalities, motives, beliefs and abilities in situations that are often uncertain and hectic, with organizations that possess insufficient time and resources to accomplish everything that they want to. In short, NCCC lays the groundwork for success in a social change organization. The Institute builds upon that with tools, frameworks, theories, practical experience, and networking opportunities to translate those competencies into marketable skills."

Serena Kelsch, the Institute Master of Public Administration '12
AmeriCorps Service: AmeriCorps State and National (Alaska) 2006-2007


Hometown: Prunedale, CA
Undergraduate School: UC Santa Barbara, major in Cultural Anthropology
Language of Study: Arabic
Current work: Development Strategist at OGRA Foundation in Kisumu, Kenya (as part of the Institute's DPMI+ immersive learning opportunity)

"As an AmeriCorps, I found I had a passion for working in partnership with people in need, but I didn't have all of the tools necessary to help find the solutions to poverty. I needed to find a tool-based internationally development-focused graduate program, and MIIS was the best fit.  Furthermore, as an Americorps, you receive an education stipend; MIIS matches that stipend, dollar-for-dollar- which didn't hurt."

Learn more about our academic programs that can allow you to use your AmeriCorps experience to Be the Solution.