Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Registering for classes is interrelated to financial aid and tuition billing

The number of credits you register for will affect how much tuition you are billed.  This number must correspond to the number that we based your financial aid on.  We based your financial aid on what you told us when you completed the Middlebury Institute of International Studies institutional financial aid application.  First semester students are almost always full time, which means 12 – 16 credits.  We are not able to release your financial aid funds until you are registered for the number of credits for which you were packaged. Being waitlisted on a class could impact the release of your financial aid funds.

Paying tuition

If you have a the Institute merit scholarship or need-based grant, we will notify the cashier after you register for classes, at which time that award will be credited to your student account.

Your student loans will be credited to your student account after your funds arrive IF you have completed the entrance interview, a direct loan Master Promissory Note, the student financial aid handbook certification form, and if the number of credits that you are registered for matches the number of credits you were packaged for.  If the total amount of aid you are to receive (not including federal work study employment) exceeds your charges for tuition, fees, health insurance, etc., the balance will be given to you by the Cashier’s Office for your living expenses.  The Financial Aid Office does NOT distribute any money directly to students.  The Cashier will email you when you have a refund check available for pickup.