Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Barnet Segal Building Photo

The Barnet Segal Building is home to the offices of MIIS President Sunder Ramaswamy and his enterprising staff. The President often holds open office hours to connect with students. Photo by Lucyna Jodlowska.

Student Affairs Building Photo

Whenever you have a question about housing in Monterey, applying for visas, or organizing a campus club or event, never fear! The ladies of Student Affairs are here to support you!

Admissions Adobe Photo

The admissions office is located in the former home of the famed writer John Steinbeck.

Samson Center Photo

The Samson Student Center is the central meeting place for most activities.

Morse Building Photo

As demonstrated by rows of flags surrounding the Morse Buildings, our students represent over 20 languages and 60 countries. Inside, you'll find classroom after classroom after classroom.

Our Green Thumb Community Garden Photo

A cool breeze, a chance to play with dirt, fresh fruit and vegetables, a game of horseshoes - what more could you want from the OGT Community Garden? The monthly Happy Hours are sometimes hosted here. Photo by Lucyna Jodlowska.

Holland Center Photo

The Holland Center courtyard is a perfect spot for basking in the sun, holding a group meeting, or throwing a patio party. Inside the Holland Center, you'll find plenty of room for studying, hosting art shows, and playing ping pong in your free time.

Alumni House Photo

Walk in the front door to visit the Alumni Office (Leah Gowron is a person we should all know!). Around the back of the building, you'll find the Graduate Writing Center, serving all your grammar, punctuation, and syntax needs.

McCone Building Photo

The McCone Building is home to Irvine Auditorium (the nexus of campus events), a two-story atrium that has hosted many post-event receptions, and the Center for Career and Advising Services. You might also need to stop by one of the many faculty offices in McCone to pick up a paper or seek advice from your professors.

International Interpretation Resource Center Photo

The International Interpretation Resource Center houses offices for some of the Institute's language faculty members.

Casa Fuente Building Photo

It might not look like much (a row of nondescript offices), but inside Casa Fuente you'll find Financial Aid, Human Resources, and the Records Office. If you need to speak to a financial aid counselor, pick up your work study paycheck, or add a class to your schedule, you'll need to know your way around this building!

Happy Hour Students Photo

Students enjoying the Our Green Thumb community garden during a MIIS Happy Hour. Photo by Lucyna Jodlowska.

William Tell Coleman Library Photo

Midterms and finals week you'll likely find yourself scouring the book stacks or living on the first or second floors of the William Tell Coleman Library. During these troubled times, it's important to remember that the research librarians are here to help you find those sources!

Campus Security Hut Photo

Legend has it that John Steinbeck penned The Pearl in what is now the Campus Security office. Here you can pick up your student ID or parking pass.

Samson Student Center Inside Photo

During the week, the Samson Center is bustling with students studying, drinking coffee, eating at the cafe, collaborating on group projects, and (only sometimes) watching too much YouTube on their computers.

Lara Soto Adobe Front Door Photo

All your application materials — transcripts, letters of recommendation, test scores — come to the Lara Soto Adobe! Currently home to the Admissions staff, the adobe is part of the historical Monterey walking tour. John Steinbeck lived here in the 1940s. Photo by Lucyna Jodlowska

Myneisha Podcast

Listen to Myneisha tell the story of how she built her career in International Education.  

Monterey Bay Aerial Photo

Click on this photo of Monterey Bay to enjoy a sneak peek of the MIIS campus!

Kade Center Photo

Officially named the Craig Building, the Kade Language and Technology Center is the campus innovation hub. Its team of staff and graduate assistants challenges assumptions about traditional pedagogy, digital and social media, and the role of storytelling. It all adds up to hard work with a dash of play!