Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Translation & Interpretation Professional Programs

Build expertise with one of the Institute’s unique onsite and online courses.

Professional programs in Translation, Interpretation, and Localization include intensive courses designed for continuing education of working professionals. Customized programs for groups seeking specific skill building and professional development for translators and interpreters are also possible.

Current Offerings

Computer-Assisted Translation


Designed to introduce language professionals to the critical importance of computer-assisted translation (CAT), this four-day intensive course will mainly focus on the use of translation memory (TM) and terminology management tools throughout all phases of a project.

How to Get Machine Translation to Work for You

Hybrid (online/onsite)

In this 100% hands-on course, Jon will lead translators though the steps of how to build custom, purpose-built MT engines. Utilizing both commercially and publicly available tools.

Federal Court Oral Exam Preparation


This five-day, 30-hour course will provide advanced, experienced court interpreters an opportunity to further improve their interpreting techniques. The course is Spanish-language specific.

Community Interpreting as a Profession


In this 8-week online course students will learn about the different sectors where interpreters provide services in the community, the legal requirements for guaranteeing language access in public services, the skills and aptitudes interpreters must have to perform this important work, the ethical standards they abide by in their daily practice, and the role of the interpreter as a linguistic mediator between provider and client.

Website Translation and Localization

Hybrid (online/onsite)

Understand the more technical aspects of the “science” of translation, including web content creation, HTML design and website authoring.

Non-U.S. citizens/non-U.S. permanent residents enrolling in the Computer Assisted Translation (CAT), Machine Translation or Website Translation & Localization courses should be able to come to the U.S. in the B1/B2 or Visa Waiver status to participate in this program. The B1/B2 status requires that you go to a US Embassy or Consulate and obtain a visa stamp in your passport whereas the Visa Waiver program allows for citizens of certain countries to come to the U.S. and be admitted as a tourist for 90 calendar days but they do not need to obtain the B1/B2 visa stamp in their passport first. They do need to use the ESTA program to register for that though before coming. Please contact ISSS by e-mail at: isss@middlebury.edu if you have question.



Recently The 3rd Chinese Innovation Forum was successfully held at University of Washington at Seattle (UW), and co-hosted by Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS). From Monterey to Seattle, the forum always stays to true to our mission which is to sow the seed of awesomeness to the innovative educators in Chinese language teaching and […]