Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Website Translation and Localization

Learn to master technical translation formats.  

Website Translation and Localization 

Translation has evolved into a technical endeavor as well as an art form. Demand for translating online content, including marketing websites, social media, computer-based training and e-commerce applications, has grown tremendously. Clients now regularly require translation of electronic media that go way beyond Microsoft Office. 

In this course, students are guided through hands-on exercises that mimic 
how web content is authored, designed and published. Next, spend an intensive three days onsite in Monterey in
 a fully-outfitted computer lab where participants disassemble,
 manipulate and rebuild a real website to create a "localized"
copy; one that is fully adapted for the target language market.  
Finally, the last two sessions are conducted online once again, exploring more advanced projects. 

Meet the Instructor

Jon Ritzdorf 

Jon Ritzdorf, Picture

MIIS alumnus Jon Ritzdorf has been a translation technologist for over seven years and has held technical positions at three of the ten largest translation service providers in the world.

With a decade of combined experience in translation, localization and internationalization, hundreds of students have benefited from Jon's expert instruction as an adjunct professor of localization topics at New York University, Rutgers University, and the Middlebury Institute of International Studies.

Jon is currently employed by Acclaro Inc. as "Globalization Architect,” a unique position melding both technical knowledge of the translation process and sales acumen.

If you have any specific questions not addressed on the webpage please contact Jon at jritzdorf@miis.edu