Portuguese Simultaneous Interpretation

About this Course

This week-long program (35 hours) focuses on the practical side of simultaneous interpretation. Students will have the chance to practice interpreting material that mimics conditions found in the real world. Some of the activities include written and impromptu speeches, presentations, interviews, and informal conversations dealing with a wide range of subject matters, such as technology, politics, economics, management, among others. The instructor will provide extensive feedback after each 30-minute session.

During several 30 to 45-minute long sessions inside the interpretation booth, students will be exposed to a wide range of types of interpretation, accents, speeds, settings, and topics. Exercises will include interpretation of audio and video material from English into Brazilian Portuguese. In between booth exercises, students will receive feedback and share their impressions with classmates.

To give participants some relief from the intense work in the booth, the following issues will also be discussed:

  • Different types (Simultaneous, Consecutive, Whispering, etc.) and common pitfalls
  • From contact to contract (how to put together an estimate)
  • How to prepare for a conference
  • The equipment (booth, console, tour guide systems, microphones, etc.)
  • Unusual settings (TV shows, press conferences, factories, farms, boat rides, hostage taking situations, etc.)
  • The chief interpreter
  • Booth etiquette
  • Gender bias
  • Relay (how to work in multilingual conferences)
  • Work ethics
  • Miscellaneous pitfalls (numbers, names, acronyms, false friends, jokes, play on words, foul language, etc.)
  • Language interference
  • Challenges to newcomers


Students must have some experience with translation and/or interpretation and be fluent in the Portuguese / English language pair. Students must pass an online admission interview with the instructor.

This course has been approved for 10 ATA Continuing Education Points


Monterey Institute of International Studies, Monterey, California

Non-U.S. citizens/non-U.S. permanent residents enrolling in the MIIS Translation and Interpretation Short Programs must be maintaining a nonimmigrant U.S. visa status which allows them to enroll in courses full-time.  Do not enter the U.S. on a tourist visa (B-1 or B-2) or visa waiver (ESTA), as these do not allow for participation in the MIIS Translation and Interpretation Short Programs.  If you do not currently have a U.S. visa status that allows for enrollment in courses in the U.S., MIIS will sponsor you for J-1 visa status, which will allow you to participate.  This process takes at least 2 months.  Please contact ISSS by e-mail at: isss@middlebury.edu immediately to ensure that you have an appropriate nonimmigrant status to be enrolled as a participant in these programs.

Meet the Instructor

Ulisses Wehby de Carvalho


Ulisses Wehby de Carvalho is a Brazilian conference interpreter with 20 years of experience. He is based in São Paulo, and has worked not only in his native country but also in the United States, England, and China. He was a Simultaneous Interpretation instructor for the Alumni Association and UNIBERO, two highly regarded T&I institutions in Brazil. A former president of APIC – The Brazilian Association of Conference Interpreters, Ulisses has well over 2,000 booth days under his belt. He has published four books and runs an educational blog for students of English.