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How to Get Machine Translation to Work for You

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In this 100% hands-on course, the instructor will lead translators though the steps of how to build custom, purpose-built MT engines.

Utilizing both commercially and publicly available tools, students will:

  • Exploit the efficiencies that MT can provide when coupled with a CAT environment.
  • Understand various methods of machine translation, including rules-based, statistical, hybrid and, the latest trend of “auto-adaptive” or “interactive” MT.
  • Decide which type of MT performs best for their particular language combination and domain specialization.
  • Determine which MT models best match their own idiosyncrasies for maximum efficiency. Know the ins and outs of how MT is built up and utilized so they can make a sound decision as to whether MT is a feasible way to achieve productivity gains for them and their customers

Please note: This is NOT a course on best practices of machine translation post-editing (MTPE). We will touch upon the practices used in post-editing, but this is not a core focus of the course.

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Meet the Instructor

Jon Ritzdorf

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MIIS alumnus Jon Ritzdorf has been a translation technologist for over seven years and has held technical positions at three of the ten largest translation service providers in the world.

With a decade of combined experience in translation, localization and internationalization, hundreds of students have benefited from Jon's expert instruction as an adjunct professor of localization topics at New York University, Rutgers University, and the Middlebury Institute of International Studies.

Jon is currently employed by Acclaro Inc. as "Globalization Architect,” a unique position melding both technical knowledge of the translation process and sales acumen.

If you have any specific questions not addressed on the webpage please contact Jon at jritzdorf@miis.edu