Conference Terminology and Procedures

Build terminology expertise for negotiations, discussions, debates and decisions.

About this Course 

This three-day intensive course will explore the terminology and procedures used at a great variety of meetings, helping students understand the underlying motivations and tactics used by meeting participants. 

    • How is a resolution drafted, and how is consensus reached? 
    • Why are there sometimes literally dozens of drafts of a single paragraph? 
    • How do parties to a resolution negotiate, and what are some basic negotiating techniques? 
    • Why will delegates sometimes argue for hours over a comma or a question of wording that may seem utterly trivial to the outside observer? 
    • How can procedural motions and discussions serve to stifle or speed up the debate and resolution of an issue?

Drawing on some 25 years of experience interpreting within the United Nations system as well as translating and consulting for numerous public and private organizations, Dr. Lynn Visson will guide students through the meaning of conference materials, speeches and informal comments. 

Meet the Instructor

Dr. Lynn Visson  

Lynn Visson received her Ph.D. from Harvard University, taught Russian language and literature at Columbia University and other American universities, and for more than twenty years was a staff interpreter at the United Nations, working from Russian and French into English. She is a member of the editorial board of Mosty, a Moscow-based journal on translation and interpretation, and a consulting editor for Hippocrene Books, NY. Of Russian background, she is the author of many works on interpretation, translation, Russian-American marriages and various aspects of Russian culture, which have been published in both the US and Russia.