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Community Interpreting as a Profession

Community Interpreting as a Profession

This 8-week online course, taught by Professor Holly Mikkelson, provides an overview of the profession of community interpreting. Students will learn about the different sectors where interpreters provide services in the community, the legal requirements for guaranteeing language access in public services, the skills and aptitudes interpreters must have to perform this important work, the ethical standards they abide by in their daily practice, and the role of the interpreter as a linguistic mediator between provider and client. This introductory course is a gateway to the Spanish Community Interpreting Graduate Certificate program at MIIS, but it is open to prospective interpreters of all languages and is taught exclusively in English.

To proceed into the full Spanish Community Interpreting Graduate Certificate program, students must pass this introductory course as well as an Early Diagnostic Test (EDT) of their oral and written language proficiency in English and Spanish. If accepted into the Certificate program, this course (and its tuition) would count toward the Certificate requirements. Find more information about the requirements for entry into the Certificate program.

Meet the Instructor

Holly Mikkelson

Holly Mikkelson, Picture

Holly Mikkelson is an Associate Professor of Translation and Interpretation at the Graduate School of Translation,Interpretation and Language Education, Middlebury Institute of International Studies. She is an ATA- certified translator (S>E, E>S) and a state and federally certified court interpreter who has taught translation and interpreting for over 30 years. She is the author of the Acebo interpreter training manuals as well as numerous articles on translation and interpretation in the court, medical and community interpreting fields, and is a co-author of Fundamentals of Court Interpretation: Theory, Policy and Practice. Professor Mikkelson has consulted with many state and private entities on court and medical interpreter testing and training and has presented lectures and workshops to interpreters and related professionals throughout the world.



Molly Sheridan

Molly Sheridan, 2015

"Seasoned and novice interpreters will benefit from the consistent interactive dynamic of this course made possible from the reliable technical support that integrates technology with one's current or developing interpreting skill set.

The critical thinking learning environ, experiences of my peers, and adept facilitation and feedback of Professor Mikkelson has enriched my approach to the work of community interpreting by reinforcing the fact that the privilege of the work is about those for whom I provide services and therefore utilization of preparatory pre-assignment tools including cultural awareness are paramount for success."