Peace, Trade & Development Program

The Peace, Trade & Development program (PTD) exposes participants to challenging learning experiences to master key concepts and tools in human security, global trade, social change and development.

What will you gain from participating in the PTD program?

The PTD program utilizes the richness of the areas of Central and Northern California as a laboratory to explore the dynamics of global systems. From start to finish, you will be engaged in active and immersion learning experiences. You will leave the program with a solid and holistic understanding of global affairs, experienced first-hand within a 60-mile ratio from the Institute. Here is what you can look forward:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of trade and economic development by visiting innovative businesses in Silicon Valley and by interacting with trade policy professionals at the San Jose Free-Trade Zone.

  • Learn firsthand about issues pertaining to social justice and youth violence and strategies for building community resilience through a multi-stakeholder process.

  • Join an impressive global network of previous participants and like-minded professionals propelling social change around the world.

  • Walk away with an Academic Certificate from a globally recognized top tier graduate school

Who should participate?

The custom designed curriculum has been created for upper-level undergraduates, prospective graduate students, and new professionals who are inspired or intrigued by the following questions:

How do we promote peace-building and positive social change?

What role do businesses, governments, and civil society organizations play in shaping global development?

How does my future career fit into the mix and what emerging professional paths are on the horizon?

If these questions resonate with you, the Peace, Trade and Development Certificate Program could launch you on the path to become an effective agent of global change.

Summer 2014 Schedule

July 7-31, 2014; Class will take place in Monterey and the San Francisco Bay area. 

How to Apply

To apply please visit our online application site. Applications reviewed on a rolling basis. Application deadline for general applicants is Monday, June 9. For application questions, please contact: