Learning Goals

MiddCORE@Monterey Learning Goals

MiddCORE@Monterey extends a highly successful Middlebury program, focused on creativity, opportunity, risk taking, and entrepreneurship, to the Monterey Institute.

MiddCORE@Monterey Core Competencies:

  • Acquire skills and experience in a virtuous cycle of rigorous social analysis, creative sense-making, opportunity identification, risk-taking and entrepreneurship.
  • Participate in team-building, problem-solving, leadership and decision-making tasks at speeds, intensity, and risk levels.
  • Sharpen your persuasive presentation abilities in individual, collaborative and competitive settings.
  • Develop career building skills and knowledge through engagement with highly successful mentors, competition judges, and leaders brought to campus for intimate and informal dialogue with MiddCORE@Monterey students. 

MiddCORE@Monterey Skill Sets:

Critical Thinking, Reflection, and Dialogue

Giving and receiving feedback, strategic thinking, opportunity identification, dealing with ambiguity, learning from failure, and critical self-reflection and personal development.   

Storytelling, Persuasion, Communication

Effective storytelling,  appreciating diverse communication styles, negotiating,  using social media, marketing tools for social change, networking, and pitching ideas to investors.  Also addressed are competencies related to design aesthetics, developing a business plan, financial literacy and ethical decision-making.

Understanding Complexity

Analyzing social issues through the lens of complexity and relevant systems theory; design thinking; on tools/techniques for fostering collective action across multiple stakeholders and sectors and holding such coalitions together; and crisis management.


Collaborative problem solving, joint sense-making, team synergy, and analysis of team effectiveness.