MiddCORE@Monterey Curriculum

This course is a transformative and intense social experience.  Students who are ready to grasp onto unique opportunities to learn from mentors will thrive in this environment.

Course Overview

This course is light on reading, and heavy on face-to-face engagement with mentors, fellow students, and Monterey area organizations and stakeholders.  The course is divided into team, and individual challenges. 

Team Challenges

  • MiddCORE@Monterey will focus team challenges on a wicked social problem in the Monterey area that requires multi-stakeholder collaboration. 
  • Each week you will engage with perspective stakeholders in the Monterey community and develop possible innovative solutions. 
  • Stakeholders and mentors will then judge these solutions, and winning teams will be selected each week. 

Individual Challenges

  • In addition to team challenges on a wicked social problem, an individual “Big Idea” challenge runs throughout the course. 
  • Students will develop their individual ideas through training sessions, one-on-one mentor coaching and feedback, and networking opportunities with Monterey area entrepreneurs. 
  • Students will learn the necessary skills to package and pitch their big ideas to potential investors. 
  • The course culminates with a two day long “Big Idea Challenge” in which a panel of judges gradually selects a single winner from the individual challenge. 

Pre-course Requirements:

  • Students will have a small set of required readings prior to the course. 
  • Students will prepare some background analysis – prior to the start of the course – regarding the wicked social problem around which the course revolves.  This will likely involve roughly 10-15 hours of time in November and December.

Course Deliverable:

The final deliverable for the course will be a joint presentation on the MIIS campus, sometime in February, that will consist of:

  • A final revision of MIIS students’ proposed solutions to the wicked social problem challenge.
  • A critical reflection by participating MIIS students on the strengths and areas for improvement of MiddCORE@Monterey.