MiddCORE@Monterey extends a highly successful Middlebury program, focused on creativity, opportunity, risk taking, and entrepreneurship, to the Monterey Institute.

Application Deadline

Wednesday, October 31

Application Process

To apply for MiddCORE@Monterey, please fill out the application below.

Students will be notified by November 10 if accepted. Once accepted, students will be given a faculty waiver to register for the course online through BannerWeb. 

Statement of Interest

MiddCORE@Monterey[1] is a 3.5 week long, highly intensive and mentor-driven J-Term experience.  It focuses on skills and competencies – and extensive field work with stakeholders in the Monterey area – related to creativity, risk taking, turning failure into opportunity, and social entrepreneurship.  There will be a particular focus on understanding and taking action on wicked social problems, problems that have no clear solution and demand multi-stakeholder, collaborative action.  You will work many days in problem-solving teams well into the evening, there are scheduled evening events (beachside dinners with mentors, a networking event, some “theater sports”, and more), and mentors will be available to you on weekends for coaching and career advice.  Spots are limited – only eight for MIIS students – and we expect there to be keen competition. 

Your Statement of Interest will play a very important part in the selection process.  We seek a diversity of students from across all departments, with a diversity of backgrounds, interests, and career aims.  What students bring into the course and how they use it will be nearly as important as the new skills and competencies that will be introduced!  We are looking for students who wish to challenge themselves deeply, to take big team and personal risks during the 3.5 weeks, and who want to hear honest and direct feedback on their entrepreneurial ideas from experienced, successful leaders.

The participant selection team – the people at MIIS who will read all Statements of Interest and admit students to MiddCORE@Monterey – comprises Kent Glenzer, Dayton Hughes, Carolyn Taylor Meyer, and Alfredo Ortiz.

[1] CORE stands for Creativity, Opportunity, Risk-taking, and Entrepreneurship.

Summarize special skills and qualifications you have acquired from employment, previous volunteer work, or through other activities. How have these prepared you for MiddCORE@Monterey? What are your special attributes that will make you a great team member to others in a course devoted to creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship? (250 words max)

What have been the most important projects you have done thus far here at MIIS, in your courses? How do these make you uniquely prepared to take advantage of MiddCORE@Monterey? What about extracurricular activities? (Remember: Always let us know why you think these would make you a great teammate to others in MiddCORE!) (250 words max)

Let us know how you see MiddCORE helping you with your future career plans. Be specific! And don’t be shy! (500 words max)

Feel free to use the space below to let us know anything else that you think would help us understand why you are the right student for MiddCORE.