MiddCORE@Monterey extends a highly successful Middlebury program, focused on creativity, opportunity, risk taking, and entrepreneurship, to the Monterey Institute.

What is MiddCORE@Monterey?

MiddCORE@Monterey is a mentor driven, intensely interactive, highly competitive course focused on developing new solutions to wicked social problems.  This 3.5 week course pushes students out of their comfort zones and aims to unlock creativity and entrepreneurial potential.

What can MiddCORE@Monterey do for you?

  • Learn to collaborate with actual stakeholders enmeshed in a wicked social problem, participating in teams to develop interdisciplinary, innovative solutions.
  • Develop a big idea for your future – a new business, a social program, a policy innovation – and network with people who have the insights and power to help you realize your vision.
  • Learn how to place, position and sell your ideas in ways that motivate others to action and feed your own drive for change.
  • Network with people who can help you channel your passions into a career.
  • Work closely with mentors of a caliber only accessible through a program like MiddCORE@Monterey. Building on our mentors' successes, challenges and insights will generate an unrivaled learning experience.

What you can do for MiddCORE@Monterey:

  • Come to the course ready to work with external stakeholders on their terms, their schedules, and their ideas of success.
  • Bring into the course the full range of competencies that you’ve developed in the workplace and in the full spectrum of classes you’ve taken to date.
  • Be ready to take risks, to put your best ideas for social change up for debate by peers and stakeholders, and to improve those ideas over three weeks.

A Mentor-Driven Approach

Throughout the course, 20-30 highly successful leaders from the business, public, and nonprofit sectors are brought to campus as faculty, coaches, and advisors. Only 16 students will be admitted into the course – eight from Middlebury, eight from MIIS – to assure contact, coaching, and mentoring time with these accomplished leaders.  You will work directly with these mentors on a daily basis to develop your ideas.  Mentors create a series of hands-on, rich learning experiences that help students pursue their passions, explore their talents, and unleash their creativity in developing and proposing relevant ideas to real-world clients and investors. 

Who can apply?

MiddCORE@Monterey is open to all MIIS students. However, due to the nature of the course, availability is extremely limited.  To be considered, students must submit their resume and statement of interest to the selection committee by Wednesday, October 31.  Learn more.

Graduation Requirements

MiddCORE@Monterey is a pass/fail course and can be taken for either two or four credit hours. (Please note the work load for this course is the same whether you take it for two or four credits.)

To learn how the MiddCORE@Monterey program fits into your program track, please contact your career and academic advisor.  For questions about the program you can also contact Kent Glenzer, who is curating this course with Alfredo Ortiz.