Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Program Description

The focus of this course is to profoundly explore a project of your choice through a variety of design and management approaches including design thinking, results framework, and systems thinking. You will engage in political economy analysis and discuss how to effectively engage with government and other actors. Through an introduction to the collective impact model, as well as the basic framework of “disruptive innovation,” you will draw upon the Minto Pyramid and other techniques to learn how to communicate ideas in a compelling way to potential funders. You will also learn to apply a series of lenses that include integration, local solution, and systems to the design and management process.

Program Dates

No program is currently being offered.


Monday – Friday

Application Deadlines


Program Fees

  • $2,500 for visiting participants
  • $1,500 for students enrolled at the Middlebury Institute or Middlebury College

Fee includes hotel lodging and two meals a day. Note: Airfare, vaccinations, visa fees, and other misc. travel costs not included in program fees.


Students not currently enrolled at the Middlebury Institute or Middlebury College can apply for a partial scholarship. Email dpmi@miis.edu for information.


Aga Khan Foundation
Nairobi, Kenya

Hosted jointly by Locus: The Point of International Development, a partnership of international and local NGOs focused on local solutions and integrating development approaches.


The training will be organized in two parts:

  • Part 1: Different Design Approaches
  • Part 2: Communicating a Design in a Compelling Way

Design Thinking: An approach to solving problems through ideation, selection, and execution of solution that ensures deep focus on the problem and root causes; Results Framework: A tool that allows users to articulate the overarching objectives of their proposed intervention and the causal pathway necessary for success; Systems Thinking: A way of understanding complex problems by looking at the relationships between various actors and activities.

Apply lenses to the design and management process. Integration Lens: Recognizing that the lives of individuals and communities have multiple facets that all contribute towards overall quality of life for everyone; Local Solutions Lens: Recognizing that local knowledge and expertise must be harnessed in order to achieve meaningful change; Systems Lens:  Recognizing that all actors and interventions exist within a larger system that has the potential to positively or negatively impact results.

East Africa Internship Program

We are coordinating placements with international NGOs and community development organizations in East Africa for graduates of our Certificate in International Development and Social Change, including Middlebury Institute students, Middlebury College students and visiting students. Internship are two to four months long and include a stipend of approximately $250/month.