frontier_market_video_thumbnailThe Work of Scouts

The Frontier Market Scouts field program provides various services to social entrepreneurs and investors, from transaction-level assistance to crowd-sourcing facilitation. They help conceptualize a business idea, develop a business plan and an entrepreneurial team, provide due diligence, obtain investment capital, and scale businesses.

Given a set of criteria for new investment, the scouts spend time on the ground with local entrepreneurs looking for the best and most investment-worthy social ventures for developing high-quality deal flows at a low cost.

A Scouts’ mission is to enable the enterprising poor to scale poverty alleviation in capital-weak areas of emerging markets, while gaining career defining and life changing experience.

The duration of a scout's field assignment is typically six months, although two-month field posts are available July-August each year. The cost to the investors for deploying a Frontier Market Scout varies, and is determined by the investors. Scouts treasure the professional and life experience of working for the enterprising poor along with impact investors. A challenging assignment is what a scout expects. A boost for a rewarding career in impact investment is what they hope for.

Summer-Fall 2013-Winter 2014 Placements

We placed 63 scouts in 17 countries around the world working with social enterprises, impact investment funds, and social venture accelerator programs for 6 month internships this Summer/Fall. Get to know them!  

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