Become a FMS Local Partner

Now accepting applications for Summer 2014 Placement Partners! 

We are looking for local partners to co-develop field placement fellowships from a network of social enterprises, impact investment funds, &  incubators around the world. 

The goal of the FMS field placement fellowship is to bring talent to existing social enterprises—both nascent and well established—to scale projects and offer a meaningful career-defining experience to program participants.  FMS is continually looking for new partners who would benefit from adding new and specialized talent to their team. 

After successful completion of the Frontier Market Scouts (FMS) certificate training, our fellows are offered the possibility of working with local social entrepreneurs and investors to discover innovations, improve business processes, attract investments, and promote sustainable businesses models. 

FMS Fellows have professional experience, multilingual capacity (in most cases), and have been vetted for a high propensity to excel by Village Capital and the Monterey Institute for International Studies.

If you are interested in becoming a local partner and having the support of a FMS fellow, please complete the form. Please send your inquiries to, or call 831-647-6417.

Please enter your organization's website URL here.

Frontier Market Scouts can serve placements for our short program (3 months: June-August) and our long program (6 months: June-November). Which time length would you prefer for a Scout placement?

Many Frontier Market Scouts are proficient in multiple languages; all are fluent in English. What are the language requirements for a placement with your enterprise?

What is the primary skill set you would prefer from a placement with your enterprise?

Please write a one-paragraph job description for your preferred placement. Be as specific as possible with the objectives you would have the Scouts achieve.

While we pay the Scout a small living stipend, many placement partners have been able to supplement the Scout's stipend. This is not required of partners, but definitely enables the Scout's ability to cover their costs. Would you be able to contribute a minimum $200-$500/month to the Scout to help cover living expenses? Would you be able a different amount? If so, please list this amount below.

In the past, placement partners have been able to assist Scouts in finding housing, giving information on visas, and giving general logistical advice. Would you make yourself available to the Scouts to give logistical advice in advance of arrival?

Please write any other specific requirements you'd want from a preferred placement. We will do our best to match you with what you prefer.

Optional: Please attach a supporting or reference document.

Optional: Please attached a second supporting or resource document here.