1. Where will I go? How is this determined?

The placements are determined by FMS partners currents needs and priorities as well as the Scout's language ability, qualifications, and preferences. Currently the program has scouts serving in countries such as Kenya, India, Rwanda, USA*, Indonesia, Tanzania, Peru, etc. However, the program receives partners’ application on a rolling basis, and the offer continues to grow!

*Please note that non-US Citizens are not eligible for US-based placements unless they carry their own status for work within the U.S. International students cannot stay on MIIS documents for the fieldwork placement.

How is this determined?

The field placement review process begins 2-4 weeks before the start of the training. Before this, the program offers an orientation webinar to outline the process in detail.

Placements are nearly 100% nearly but not guaranteed. Finding a field assignment match is a comparative to a competitive hiring process where candidates must actively cultivate positive relationships and interview with the FMS placement team and fellowship hiring partners. Each candidate is guaranteed 2-5 interviews during the placement process; final offers are made at the discretion of the partner and are not guaranteed.

The FMS training is an incredible opportunity to network with practitioners in the field and professional peers. We see huge successes from fellows who are truly adventurous and able to accept ambiguity with a positive attitude, have a heightened sense of awareness in building relationships, and clearly expressing their professional goals.

To learn more about current and past Scouts in the field, please visit our FMS blog community.