Frontier Market Scouts
1. What sustainable value will the Frontier Market Scouts Program deliver?

Our Frontier Market Scouts program delivers sustainable value by delivering immersive experiences, along with original data and insights into the ecosystems and microeconomics of the 'enterprising poor' to the global business, engineering, and policy communities.

We are designing breakthrough business models focused on serving people, and laying the groundwork for an influx in resources to grassroots entrepreneurship around the world. We are creating the ecosystems and institutional frameworks necessary to help drive organizational, financial, and technological resources to frontier markets, in the form of business consulting to micro-enterprises, new entrepreneurial ventures, new investment, and product/services innovation.

By highlighting the market opportunities at the "bottom of the pyramid" and educating business and engineering leaders on how to capture them, we are incentivizing investments and job creation in low-income areas, as well as facilitating the development of low-cost, high-impact product, process, and service innovation for these consumers. Both will serve enterprising people by simultaneously creating wealth and improving quality of life.

We are building technological paths (business models, distribution and adoption strategies) to "bottom of the pyramid" markets through which exponentially powerful, cheap and relevant technologies can be delivered to provide efficient, scalable, and sustainable solutions to the enterprising poor's greatest problems.