Frontier Market Scouts

The career-defining opportunity to work with social ventures and impact investment firms around the world.

The Field Assignment Experience

I’ve loved learning about the startup environment, the issues startups face, the time and resource constraints. It’s not like the corporate world where you have departments doing the work for you - you have to be resourceful, you do not have the luxury of time to research the best approach, you’ve got to just get in there and figure it out. - Albert Wong, FMS Fellow at One Degree Solar

Taking the Leap 

For those that are seeking to make a career transition and embark on a deeply rewarding professional and personal experience, the fellowship experience catalyzes careers and personal growth. As an FMS Fellow you will join a network of 300+ impact-driven professionals who share your passion and dedication to solving today’s most intractable social problems through social enterprise and impact investment.

Ready to get started? Here is a snapshot of what you can expect on the first part of this exciting journey.

Program Orientation (Webinar and Fellow Handbook)

The FMS Fellowship begins with an online webinar to welcome admitted fellows to the program and to provide an overview of what to expect during the upcoming placement process. Fellows will receive a welcome packet and handbook prior to the webinar that they should review beforehand.

Other topics that will be covered during this webinar include:

  • Understanding the matching process 
  • Developing a personal pitch and prepping for one-to-one consultations
  • Tips on interviewing and following up with employers
Two-week certificate training

Prior to departing on their field assignments, Fellows participate in an intensive, two-week certificate training that prepares fellows for 2-12 month fellowship opportunities with social enterprises and impact investment foundations in the US and abroad. The FMS training is an incredible opportunity to network with leading practitioners in the field and professional peers – you will be busy!

The Placement Process (2-4 months)

The placement process is where the fellowship learning experience really begins. The fellowship process can be a nerve-wracking time for candidates. However, the key to success is preparation and the ability to stay focused on professional goals, build relationships, and above all maintaining a truly adventurous mindset that accepts ambiguity with a positive attitude. 

Successful candidates will have:

  • The ability to clearly communicate practical skills alignment and genuine passion for market-based solutions to poverty alleviation
  • Excellent communications and interpersonal skills
  • Flexibility and openness to learning quickly without direct supervision
  • Past experience living and working in an emerging market or capital weak region
  • Expertise in at least one of the following areas is desirable: financial modeling, branding and communications, logistics and supply chain management. 

The placement process is broken up into three main phases:

Applicant Review and Initial Fellowship Alignment

  • Qualified candidates interview with a member of the FMS team for a final screening phone call before acceptance.

  • After acceptance to the program, FMS fellowship candidates review and rank top 5 preferences from available position listings. Matching should be linked directly to specific career goals and appropriately aligned practical skills. 
  • Fellowship candidates develop a personal pitch for FMS hiring partners. 

Matching Process

  • The FMS team recommends each fellow to top 5 match preferences, based on experience, skills, and career goals.
  • Partners receive the list of recommended candidates at which point partners short-list which fellows they would like to interview.
  • The FMS team introduces selected fellows to placement partners. 


  • Once introductions are made it is up to the placement partner and fellows to arrange a time for an interview.
  • Fellows are guaranteed at least 3 interviews with prospective employers.
  • Jobs are offered at the partner’s discretion.
  • Once an offer is made fellows and employers must sign a copy of the agreed upon job description and submit to the FMS team.
Field Assignments (US and Global Locations, 3-12 months)

Two to four weeks following the FMS training, Fellows embark on field assignments with social enterprises and impact investment foundations in the US* and abroad. While on assignment, fellows provide due diligence for investors and technical assistance for entrepreneurs to discover innovations, improve business processes, attract investments and promote sustainable business models.

*US-based fellowships are not available to non-US citizens. 

Cultivating a Professional Portfolio

An important aspect to launching your career in the impact space is developing visibility and a compelling professional portfolio that serves as tangible evidence of your skills and capabilities. Blogs provide a great platform to capture your experience, demonstrate expertise and showcase specific projects or initiatives you’ve spearheaded in the field. During the fellowship, fellows are required to submit a series of deliverables via their blog that will contribute to the development of their professional portfolios.

Career Support and Peer Mentoring
  • Global Impact Chats (Webinars): In the field FMS Fellows will have the opportunity to participate in a series of Global Impact Chat webinars with other fellows and mentors to share experiences, lessons-learned and innovative strategies to maximize impact and cultivate resilience while on assignment. Topics will also cover job search tips and strategies for fellows transitioning out of their placements.
  • Reflection Interviews: As fellows transition out of the field they will have the opportunity to participate in a reflection interview with a member of the FMS team. Interviews provide fellows with the opportunity to reflect on their key achievements and lessons learned; to provide the FMS team with any critical feedback about their placement or training; and indicate what kinds of career support FMS can provide moving forward.