Frontier Market Scouts

Academic Credit

The FMS training program is available for 0-5 academic credits (letter grade)

It is the participant's responsibility to verify whether the credit receiving institution accepts these graduate course credits from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies. Matriculating full-time MIIS students can audit up to 4 academic credits per semester with approval of the instructor. Completion of the 5-unit training course (for credit, as a partial audit, or as a professional artificer) is a pre-requisite for participation in the field experience fellowship program.

Participants seeking academic credits (and who are not enrolled full-time at the Institute when registering for FMS classes) will pay the standard tuition at $1,820 per unit (FY 16/17), this scenario includes MIIS students who are not enrolled full-time while participating in the FMS fellowship program.

Students enrolled in a full-time semester credit load (12 units or more) at the Institute will be charged the comprehensive semester fee.  Merit scholarships normally apply. MIIS students should contact a financial aid advisor to review their specific situation.

In addition to gaining professional experience on the ground, fellows can earn for 4 or 6 credits while performing academic research on a topic of their choice. See below for details about obtaining academic credit during a fellowship. 

Generally, the Frontier Market Scouts field course (4 or 6 units) is only taken by fellows enrolled in a graduate degree program at the Institute.

Options for Earning Credit During a Field Experience Fellowship (4 or 6 credits; letter grade)

The Institute students enrolled in the IPd, MBA, or MPA* tracks are eligible to complete a customized field course to gain academic credit while completing an FMS fellowship. 

Social Enterprise and Finance Research Project

This is a customized research project where students will identify a leading research question and work with a professional mentor throughout the process of producing a professional-grade social venture report. For more information, contact Dr. Yuwei Shi.

*MPA Capstone Students: MPA students participating in the Frontier Market Scouts field program can complete an organizational case study as their capstone project. Students should register for the MPA capstone course during the spring or summer semester in conjunction with their FMS field experience fellowship and the MPA capstone advisor in the semester of enrollment.