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Cross-sector trainings designed to promote leadership and identify solutions.

Professional Development Programs and Weekend Workshops

Access the Fall 2017 workshop listing. For inquiries, please contact: professional.dev@miis.edu.

Every semester we offer weekend workshops to our graduate students on a wide variety of topics from Grant Writing, to International and Corporate Venture Capital, to Counterterrorism. If extra space is available in these graduate workshops, they will be open to interested professionals, community members, and students and faculty from other institutions.

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Customized Programs to Meet the Needs of Your Organization

Are you looking for an exceptional professional education experience that will reignite your mind? At the Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS) we will custom build a program that taps into our graduate school faculty to address the training needs of your organization. From developing non-profit management techniques; to understanding the transnational threats facing the world; to identifying environmental, social, and governance risks in your organization, the possibilities are endless and we are the source for promoting out of the box thinkers to meet the needs of a globalized world.

MIIS partners with select organizations to design and deliver custom professional development programs that address an organization’s specific challenges. To ensure maximum impact and relevance, these custom program partnerships involve close cooperation between an organization’s leaders and MIIS faculty and staff. The end result is a focused learning experience that enables an organization to optimize its capabilities, and develop and implement strategies more effectively.

Custom Programs Offered may include:

  • Environment, Social, and Governance Risks: Board members face continual pressure when responding to governance and compliance challenges. Directors must address environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors and traditional financial metrics when assessing risks and opportunities confronting their organizations.
  • International Trade Strategy: Dynamic change dominates the international trade and financial regulatory environment as governments attempt to keep pace with transnational security challenges. In response, corporate compliance strategies need to ensure that they accurately address the risks of this ever-changing global security landscape. The Institute’s leading experts on corporate compliance strategy, illicit markets, and industrial policy offer customized group trainings for organizations, companies and government organizations.
  • Terrorism, Bioterrorism and Pandemics: Terrorism strikes across national boundaries, affecting policy objectives and human life. This customizable course surveys tools to explore the complex issues creating terrorism. Themes include financing, chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) terrorism, ideological extremism and counterterrorism.
  • Cross-Cultural Communication and Localization Management: Our language faculty and staff can design programs to enhance interpretation and translation skills, as well as addressing language fluency, cross-cultural communication, public speaking, accent reduction and other areas of professional interest to improve localization projects. Additionally, participants will understand the latest technology in the localizations industry.
  • Conflict Resolution: Identifying conflict, its sources and root causes, parties, and the dynamics of conflict are primary and key steps in resolving conflicts. Work with world renowned faculty on developing tools and skills to resolve conflicts in a non-violent manner. We can develop a program that teaches organizations and individuals how to deal with conflict through mediation, negotiation, facilitation, and dialogue. The Center for Conflict Studies at the Institute offers conflict resolution education and training options to organizations in the nonprofit, government, or private sector.

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Professional Development Workshops
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Conflict Resolution, Mediation, and Peacebuilding
Dr. Pushpa Iyer
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Phone: 831.647.7104

Cross-Cultural Communication and Language Skills
Email Us: languages@miis.edu