Dr. Peter Robertson

Dr. Peter Robertson is adjunct-professor at the Monterey Institute and associate of the Baak in the Netherlands. He is an experienced international consultant on leadership, organizational transformation and growth strategies. He has written extensively on the subjects and developed with Human Insight Ltd a suite of organizational assessment tools (AEM-cube®ACT-cube® , RPA®, and S-Curve) for research and performance improvement.

He uses business ecological thinking and its derived toolkit to provide strategy facilitation and leadership development support to well-known startups to large companies in the US, Europe, and Asia.


"I attended the 2-day workshop "Matching Talent and Organizational Growth."  Located in a very inspiring, beautiful international location rich in culture and history, I learned how to develop an organizational map and how to estimate the availability and need for talent. It involves a growth curve and the use of the AEM-cube Model.


The workshop presents several compelling cases that directly connect theory and practice. I learned a lot from Peter's insights. The input of the other group members to my knowledge in the field of talent development and change enriched and deepened the experience. 


Thank you, Peter, for your commitment and expertise."


-Aard van Oosten, from Matching Organizational Growth and Talent


Leadership, organizational growth strategies, organizational assessment, business ecology

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