Monterey Institute of International Studies

Why Monterey

Highway 1 in Monterey

The Monterey Institute is located on the scenic Monterey Peninsula, 130 miles (210 km) south of San Francisco and 345 miles (555 km) north of Los Angeles. Monterey, California’s historic state capital, offers a rich glimpse into California’s past through historic architecture and many free museums displaying the daily life of Native Americans, early Spanish explorers, and the original Californios. Monterey is also home to contemporary interests such as the world-class Monterey Bay Aquarium, the annual Monterey Jazz Festival, and excellent watersports such as scuba diving and kayaking.The average year-round temperature is about 15 degrees Celsius (60 degrees Fahrenheit). Be sure to bring some warm clothes since the weather can be quite cool along the California coast.

The Institute's campus setting is conveniently located walking distance from downtown Monterey. Many students walk or ride their bicycles in this small, safe community of 30,000 people. Take a tour of our campus and its facilities.

Learning in Monterey

The Monterey Institute of International Studies is different in its approach and strategic in its location. As the premier graduate learning institution in international policy studies and language education, the intimate setting of Monterey, California provides a focused and inspiring atmosphere that is conducive to building personal and professional relationships among colleagues that will last a lifetime.

Monterey is also known as “The Language Capital of the World” owing to the presence of the Monterey Institute and its educational neighbor up the street, the Defense Language Institute, the U.S. Armed Force’s language training facility. Additionally, the Naval Postgraduate School, a military officer training institution, California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB), and the nearby Monterey Peninsula College (MPC) all contribute to an enriching educational environment, often finding ways to share resources to strengthen the Monterey Institute’s offerings. Several well-known foreign language and communication businesses are firmly established in Monterey including Language Line ServicesMedialocate USA, Inc., and China Education Resources, Inc.

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Recommended Accommodations

All accommodations are located within walking distance to our workshop venues.

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