Prospective DPMI and past DPMI participants currently enrolled at MIIS are eligible to apply for DPMI Plus. Applicants are reviewed on the basis of the following criteria: initiative, organizational feasibility, relationship of assignment with DPMI skill-set, professional experience and academic performance. Applications for the spring DPMI Plus program are due September 15 (early admission) or October 31 (regular admission). Applications for the summer or fall programs are due by February 15 (early admission) or April 1 (regular admission).

(DPMI 8650A 6 credits)

Matriculated MIIS students can complete DPMI Plus during the fall, spring or summer (or any combination of these options). Length of assignment can range from 3-9 months and students are able to earn up to 12 units of academic credit for completion of deliverables related to DPMI and the assignment which are reviewed and approved by Professor Levinger and Carolyn Meyer. 

Deliverables involve the application of DPMI tools, frameworks and concepts. A cover sheet should clearly explain how each deliverable relates to the DPMI curriculum (i.e., which specific tools, concepts or frameworks are being applied). 

Students also create a case study that examines some DPMI-related issues confronting the organization in which they are carrying out their professional activities. These issues may include project design; project monitoring; training; stakeholder participation; strategic partnering; social entrepreneurship; and innovation. 

Credit is offered on a pass/fail basis.

The Development Project Practicum may be completed in conjunction with DPMI 8698 A and B for 12 credits in any given semester, or at any time after a DPMI Certificate has been earned.

Students may request financial aid for travel and living expenses associated with their assignment, however, financial aid is limited to the duration of the semester in which the student registers for DPMI Plus credit (3 months for summer term; 4.5 months for fall or spring semester). 

Your final acceptance into DPMI Plus is pending, based on the following conditions: 

General Requirements

  • Acceptance from a qualified organization for an internship that lasts a minimum of 12 full weeks and a maximum of 9 months.
  • Outstanding academic performance during remaining semesters.
  • Attendance and satisfactory participation in DPMI certificate program (3-week training) and all DPMI Plus administrative workshops.

Organizational Requirements

  • The host organization must be engaged in social change, economic growth, or development. For more information click here.
  • The internship must be a minimum of 35 hours of work per week (preferably 40).
  • The organization must provide an environment in which you can apply tools, concepts, skills, and frameworks introduced during DPMI training. Final deliverables must be closely related to the DPMI curriculum in order to earn DPMI Plus credit.
  • The internship must take place in a setting with at least three paid, full-time employees.
  • The internship must be supervised by someone who is able to provide you with regular feedback regarding the quality of your work. Ideally, this individual will also serve as a mentor.

Please note the following:

  • DPMI Plus participants are not permitted to enroll in any other academic programs for credit while completing DPMI Plus other than (a) 1-4 units of language credit; and/or, (b) DPMI 698 A and B.
  • Students completing DPMI Plus during their final semester must complete all their degree requirements before beginning their DPMI Plus assignment.
  • Academic credit is not given for the professional service experience; it is awarded for completion of deliverables approved by DPMI Plus. The professional service experience provides participants with the setting to carry out this assignments.

(DPMI 8650B 3 credits)

This course is open to IEM/MPA students who are also enrolled in the IEM practicum. Students are responsible for all of the deliverables required of the DPMI 8650A course except they only need a minimum of 4 deliverables instead of 7.