Certificate Benefits

Why get certified?

We exist in a world where markets are becoming more and more competitive each day for individuals and organizations alike. From an individual standpoint, being certified in Business Continuity Management can help you stand out from an ever-broadening pool of potential job applicants that are all vying for the next job or promotion. From an organizational standpoint, having an employee, or team of employees, certified in Business Continuity Management increases your overall resilience and sustainability, while simultaneously making you more attractive to potential partners and/or investors.

DRII Testimonials

“The certification has enabled me to take the BCP plans of my organization and improve them yearly in order to comply with annual requirements."

 Associate Business Continuity Professional (ABCP), Canada

“In addition to a very generous compensation package, my DRII certification has earned me greater respect from my colleagues and I have been approached numerous times by recruiters for CBCP/MBCP required positions.”

Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP), United States

"Foremost, DRI certification has equipped me with the level of knowledge and skill set desired to be called a qualified BCM (Business Continuity Management) professional.  With this, I have been able to undertake key initiatives resulting in higher process efficiencies as well as adding value to my career and my organization.”

Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP), Pakistan

Client Testimonials

"My company benefited greatly from a  business continuity study conducted by a team of students from the Monterey Institute for our Rocket Farms subsidiary. We received a comprehensive plan that provides us  with solid guidelines for dealing with all types of disruptions to our business operations ranging from supply chain problems and management attrition, all the way to emergencies and disasters such as fires, droughts, storms, and earthquakes. The team prioritized the greatest risks to our on-going operations and identified the most cost-effective ways to eliminate or mitigate the risks. We are much more confident about the on-going  sustainability of operations no matter what kinds of disruptions we might encounter in the future."

Marc Clark
Executive Vice President
Monterey Peninsula Horticulture