The curriculum of the Design, Partnering, Management and Innovation (DPMI) program encourages learning in a highly interactive, participatory, student-centered community.

Three Intensive Modules

DPMI Curriculum, Week 1, Picture

Designing & Managing Development Projects

Participants learn how to design and assess projects that foster sustainable development through tool mastery. Simulations and case study exercises help participants become familiar with the approach to project development that is widely used in bilateral and multinational organizations including USAID, the World Bank and UNDP.

DPMI Curriculum, Week 2, Picture

Social Entrepreneurship & Strategic Partnering

Participants, working within a context of social entrepreneurship, become proficient in the use of tools and techniques to conduct an analysis of vision and mission; identify core competencies; and forge strategic partnerships to enhance organizational effectiveness. Innovative software applications are introduced to support a challenging simulation.

DPMI Curriculum, Week 3, Picture

Facilitating Participatory Development

Participants master tools and skills needed to effectively assume the roles of facilitator, trainer, and change agent. Local human resource development is an important component in every development project. The module focuses on transferring skills to participants so they can conduct their own training programs.

Build Expertise

DPMI participants gain practical skills to manage development projects in a variety of contexts through intensive, hands-on activities linked to contemporary development challenges.

Project Samples

    • Problem Tree and Results Framework
    • Core Competency Mapping
    • Logical Framework
    • Facilitation Session Plan
    • Project Design Summary
    • Strategy Canvas

What DPMI Alumni Say about the Program

“I plan to use DPMI and all the skills I’ve learned in it to transform Southern African leadership in drastic ways. I’ve been surrounded by amazingly creative, intelligent, and sophisticated people, all who I know will have sweeping impacts in the development world. DPMI has absolutely transformed my thinking. It catalyzed my creative thinking and aspirations in environmental policy and human capacity development into new heights.” - Burton Julius, IEP

“These three weeks have been so intense!  Out of everything though, I have been most impressed by my fellow participants. The ability to connect and learn from so many different, incredible minds has been absolutely priceless! The challenges of being open and of being accepting of other opinions has been a growing experience, but the take-away of new friendships, new knowledge and a network for new opportunities is absolutely invaluable! Thank you!” - Rachel Whitley, Social Services Sector