Graduate Student Staff

Current graduate students are integral to MonTREP's continuing research and operations. Graduate students participate in a wide range of positions from research to logistics.

Positions at MonTREP are available to current or prospective students of the program.

Current Graduate Student Staff

Antiquities Trafficking Project

  • Marc Elliott [Lead-Antiquities Trafficking Project and Conference 2016, Communications Manager]
  • Jonathan Prohov [Antiquities Trafficking Project]

Counterterrorism Course Development

Cultural Intelligence Project

  • Greta Hansen [Lead-Cultural Intelligence Project, Course Development]

Homeland Security Project

  • Major John Duvall [Head of the Homeland Security Project]
  • Scott Howard [Homeland Security Project]
  • Peter Olson [Homeland Security Project]
  • Kiki Rogers [Homeland Security Project]

Hostage Project

  • Greta Hanson

Former MonTREP Graduate Student Staff