Jeffrey M. Bale

Associate Professor

Office: McGowan 200-D
Email: jeffrey.bale@miis.edu
Phone: 831.647.6603


Terrorism, Political and religious extremism, Insurgency and counterinsurgency, Unconventional warfare, Intelligence and covert operations, Conspiracy theories, Comparative revolutionary movements, Youth subcultures and counterculture, Terrorism and weapons of mass destruction, Organized crime, European history and politics, Middle Eastern history and politics, Islamic history, Military history, International politics

Gordon Hahn

Adjunct Professor and Researcher of Monterey Terrorism Research and Education Program

Office: McGowan 200-C
Email: ghahn@miis.edu
Phone: 831.647.3535


Russian Studies
Political Science
Islam and Politics in Russia and Eurasia
Russian Domestic and Foreign Policy
International Relations in Eurasia
Regime Transformation Theory
Islamism in Eurasia

Dr. Hahn is perhaps the world’s leading expert on the Caucasus Emirate mujahedin and an internationally recognized expert on Russian and Eurasian domestic and foreign politics, including the North Caucasus.

Brigadier General (Retired) Russell D. Howard

Director of MonTREP and Adjunct Professor

Office: McGowan 200F
Email: rhoward@miis.edu
Phone: 831.647.6442


Special Operations
Terrorist-Trafficking Nexus
Terrorism and Counterterrorism in Africa

Sharad Joshi

Assistant Professor, Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies

Office: McGowan 200-F
Email: sharad.joshi@miis.edu
Phone: 831.647.6508


International Security
South Asia
Nuclear Proliferation
Southeast Asia

Dr. Joshi interviewed by NATO Review

Jeffrey Knopf

Professor and Program Chair, Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies

Office: McGowan 200 C
Email: jknopf@miis.edu
Phone: 831.647.7174


Nuclear Arms Control and Nonproliferation
Utility of Deterrence, Assurance, and other Strategies for Dealing with WMD and Terrorism
International Cooperation
Public Opinion and Foreign Policy