Terrorism Studies Club

The Terrorism Studies Club (TSC) is a student organization at the Monterey Institute of International Studies that seeks to enrich its members through a series of educational, professional, and social events. By providing a positive and multifaceted support environment, the Terrorism Studies Club aims to assist students in fulfilling their highest academic potential and embarking on successful careers as security and counterterrorism professionals.

Speaker Series

The Terrorism Studies Club hosts a brown-bag lunch speaker series, sponsored by MonTREP.  This series invites professionals in fields related to terrorism studies to give hour-long lunch-time presentations about their career and work in the field.

Upcoming Activities

Thursday April 17, 2014, 12pm - 1:30pm, Morse B105

Dr. Tristan James Mabry is the founding Executive Director of the Joint Foreign Area Officer Program and Assistant Research Professor in the Department of National Security Affairs, School of International Graduate Studies, at the Naval Postgraduate School. Dr. Mabry is a specialist in the comparative politics of nationalism, ethnic conflict, and identity politics across Eurasia. His current research addressees the intersection of ethnicity and Islam, particularly in the cases of separatist movements found across the Muslim world, from the Middle East to Central, South, and Southeast Asia.

Dr. Mabry holds four degrees in political science from three different countries. He received his B.A. in Canada from McGill University; his M.Sc. (with Distinction) in the United Kingdom from the London School of Economics and Political Science; and his M.A. and Ph.D. in the United States from the University of Pennsylvania. His international experience includes more than seven years of study abroad - in Honduras, China, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Egypt - and travel to more than forty countries.

Charlie Thorson, an NPTS student, will be presenting his honors thesis for 15-20 minutes prior to Dr. Tristan Mabry. Charlie will be presenting the work he as done so far on his thesis that explores the relationship between the Muslim Brotherhood and jihadist groups in the Sinai Peninsula. Using public statements and various open source materials, Charlie will speak briefly about his examination of the relationship in the context of the Mohamed Morsi presidency and to an extent after the June 30th coup in Egypt.

Executive Board

Ruben Gzirian (President)

Ruben Gzirian is a student of counterterrorism, with a particular focus on the security policy of the Russian Federation, and is currently working as a graduate research assistant at the Monterey Terrorism Research and Education Program. He is focusing on the North Caucasus region within Russia, as well as the Middle East. Ruben earned a Bachelor of Arts in Government & Politics from the University of Maryland, College Park in 2009, where he studied U.S. military policy and constitutional law. Ruben is also interested in cyber security and the role of open-source intelligence (OSINT) in the intelligence community. Professionally, Ruben has a background in Islamic radicalization in the Western Balkans and crowd sourced consultancy. In his free time, Ruben enjoys working out and watching English soccer.

Amaury Crucy (Treasurer)

Amaury Crucy is a second semester student in the Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies Master program. Originally from Paris, France, Amaury graduated Valedictorian with a B.A in Political Science from BYU-Idaho in July 2013. There he focused on foreign affairs with a regional emphasis on the East-Asian peninsula. As part of his undergraduate studies, he worked as an intern for the European Company for Strategic Intelligence, a private contractor for the French ministry of Defense. At the Monterey Institute for International Studies, Amaury works at the President’s office and the Center for Nonproliferation Studies. Amaury is currently specializing in CBRN terrorism and plans to get a PhD in that field upon completing his masters. 

Former Presidents

Christopher Cherry (President FA 2013)

Nathan Poffenberger (President, FA 2012 - SP 2013)

Interest Form

If you are interested in being further involved with Terrorism Studies Club, please email us at montrep@miis.edu.