Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey Center for Social Impact Learning.

Center for Social Impact Learning

The Center for Social Impact Learning (CSIL) provides learning and research programming for students and professionals interested in exploring and developing careers in social enterprise and impact investment management.

With a focus on the social impact of business and financial investment, CSIL creates valuable and practical experiences for undergraduates, graduates and professionals and a network for a future career.

"The Frontier Market Scouts program at CSIL was a great first step for me into the social impact space. Before, I had been in the nonprofit and private sectors separately and felt like there was something missing. When I learned about social enterprises and started researching the space, the program became a great avenue to "wet my feet" and then dive right in during the fellowship. Through the program, I've gained tremendous knowledge, tools, and networks that I've been able to apply to my career." - Srida Moua

Ready to learn more about our signature programs and social impact learning projects? We'd love to connect! Get in touch: socialimpact@miis.edu.