Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Larry Scheinman was absolutely the pivotal figure in my intellectual/academic formation, and I owe so much to his erudition, insight and inspiration, and affability. As my mentor in graduate studies at UCLA , Larry kept me on course to pursue my interest in nonproliferation studies, esp. with respect to Europe given his EURATOM research. My dissertation on the Italian nuclear energy program put me under Dr Ciro Zoppo's tutelage at UCLA, but Larry was always there to help, and it was thanks to him that at the completion of my PhD (and a year in Japan thanks to UCLA Professor Hans Baerwald) I returned to Cornell with a post doc Larry had arranged for me. From Cornell, I went to Harvard for another post doc, again with Larry's encouragement, and on to the University of Texas, Austin and eventually, the Monterey Institute where, years later at Bill Potter's invitation, Larry was involved in the Institute's Washington center.
My contribution to the field of nonproliferation studies, in the academy and briefly as a staffer in the US Senate, was paltry compared to Larry's and colleagues cited above: but, I share with so many his inspiration and devotion to the cause of making the world safe from the potential threat of nuclear devastation. Along with us all, Larry's family should take comfort in his impact on a generation and more of people he inspired to make the world a better, safer place.
Steven J Baker, President Emeritus, Middlebury/Monterey Institute of International Studies