Monterey Institute of International Studies


If you are driving to attend the Monterey Institute, directions are available at:


Parking on the MIIS campus is limited on Friday, June 7, but should be plentiful on Saturday, June 8 and Sunday, June 9. Following are helpful hints in locating parking for the conference:

1) We will have open parking in Institute lots all three days, on a first-come, first-served basis. There will be signs at the entrances to each Institute parking lot identifying as available for ASPAC Conference parking. 

2) There are three City of Monterey parking lots around our campus.....parking lot 4 at the corner of Van Buren and Franklin, parking lot 8 in front of Casa Fuente, and parking lot 7, which is across Pacific Street.  Lots 4 and 7 have ticket machines. Lot 8 is a partially metered lot. Institute parking and City parking lots 4 & 8 are shown on the campus map ( Unfortunately, City parking lot 7 is not included on the map, but it is directly across Pacific Street from Casa Fuente (Building #18 on the campus map).

3) If you are staying at the Portola Plaza Hotel, Hotel Pacific, or any of the hotels that are located within a few blocks of the MIIS campus, you are encouraged to leave your car parked at the hotel and walk to campus. However, if you are staying at the Bay Park Hotel or any other hotel not within walking distance of the campus, there should be sufficient parking on campus.