MCySec Events

16 - 22 March 2014 Dr. Itamara Lochard, Director of MCySec, facilitated and participated the first Macedonian delegation's engagement in Estonia related to building cyber partnerships between the two countries and indeed the two regions.  The trip was hosted by the Estonian and Macedonian Ministries of Defense.

19 March 2014 Ben Volcsko, MCySec Provost Graduate Assistant and Outreach Coordinator, was interviewed by CNN's Tech Fortune on the future of cyber security education. Please find the article here.

10 - 14 March 2014 Dr. Itamara Lochard, Director of MCySec, spoke on Terrorists Use of Cyber and Technology at the NATO Center of Excellence Defense Against Terrorism in Ankara, Turkey. Participants included political/military officers from NATO, Partnership for Peace, Mediterranean Dialogue, Istanbul Cooperative Initiative countries as well as non-NATO member-states. Countries represented were Albania, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belgium, France, Gambia, Germany, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Kosovo, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Mauritania, Mongolia, Pakistan, Qatar, Spain, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States and Yemen. NATO Emerging Security Challenges Directors of the Counter-Terrorism Section and Weapons of Mass Destruction Section also presented.  

11 March 2014 Nico Sell, co-founder and CEO of Wickr and organizer for DEFCON, provided a guest lecture titled, "Protecting Your Privacy: Nico Sell and Wickr's Mission of Personal Security" for MCySec and students in the Cyber Security Student Working Group.  

5 - 9 March 2014 Dan Gifford and Ben Volcsko, research asssistants for MCySec, along with members of the Cyber Security Student Working Group at MIIS attended the 2014 SANS Digital Forensics and Incident Response Conference (DFIRCon) in Monterey, California. This unique Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) event provided instruction in computer forensics and bonus seminars together in one place to offer one of SANS most comprehensive DFIR training experiences. Leading experts focused on building the DFIR skills necessary for future cyber security professionals.

6 March 2014 Shawn Kumagai, managing partner of Lingua Brava and preferred adviser at Gilfus Adviser's Group, presented on "Language Applications in Cyber" for MCySec and students of the Cyber Security Student Working Group at MIIS.  

24 - 28 February 2014 Dan Gifford and Ben Volcsko, research assistants for MCySec, attended the 2014 RSA Conference in San Francisco, California. The RSA Conference is a cryptography and information security-related conference. The conference is vendor-independent and managed by RSA, the Security Division of EMC, with support from leaders in the information security industry. The multiple day event consists of two entities: the conference, which hosts speakers for a variety of topics, and a vendor expo. The conference consists of a multitude of presentations on the topic of Internet Security. 

27 February 2014 Dan Gifford and Ben Volcsko, research assistants for MCySec, attended Taia Global's February Suits and Spooks cyber security conference in San Francisco, California. The purpose of Taia Global’s Suits and Spooks conference is to bring members from the 16 agencies in the U.S. Intelligence Community together with innovators and executives from the private sector representing a wide variety of disciplines (technology, finance, entertainment and science) for two days of frank discussions, challenging perspectives, and collaborative problem solving.

14 February 2014 Dr. Linton Wells II, Director of the Center of Technology & National Security Policy (CTNSP) at the National Defense University and Sharing to Accelerate Research - Transformative Information for Development and Emergency Support (STAR-TIDES), offered a guest lecture for MCySec and MIIS students in the Cyber Security Student Working Group (CSWG) on "The Humanitarian Side of Cyber". 

7 February 2014 Dr. Orion Lewis, Professor of Political Science at Middlebury College, presented on, "The Coverage of Conflict: The Role of Media in Insurgencies and Conflict Resolution" for MCySec and the MIIS Cyber Security Student Working Group.

6 February 2014 The Cyber Security Student Working Group (CSWG) participated in the MIIS club fair event. The executive board members of the CSWG set-up a recruitment table and conducted recruiting and outreach for MIIS students interested in the subject of cyber security. 

3 February 2014 Atif Mushtaq, Senior Scientist and Malware Researcher for FireEye, presented on "Taking Down the World's Largest Botnets". Mr. Mushtaq explained his personal experiences in encountering and mitigating large-scale botnets, hackers, threat groups and cybercrime on behalf of FireEye. Following Mr. Mushtaq's presentation, FireEye conducted informal university recruiting with all participating students. FireEye advertised several of their student internship positions available through their Ingnite college recruitment program. 

28 January 2014  David Aucsmith, Senior Director of Microsoft's Institute for Advanced Technology in Governments, presented for two hours on "Cyber Security and Beyond". In addition to providing a thorough evolution of the internet, technological devices and cyber threats, he focused on the complicated relationship between the government and private sector in identifying and managing the cyber threats from state and non-state actors that exist today. Mr. Aucsmith concluded by demonstrating the multitude of ways the private sector is able to assist government entities in managing this phenomenon.

18 - 22 December 2013 MCySec Director Dr. Itamara Lochard presented "NATO-Led Cyber Operations: Cyber Challenges" at the "NATO Partnership and Operations: Addressing Insecurities and Creating Security" workshop of the Euro-Atlantic Council of Macedonia. This event took place in Berovo, Macedonia with supported from the NATO Emerging Security Challenges Division.  It was attended by participants from Albania, Croatia, Italy, Kosovo, Netherlands,, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Slovakia and Serbia.

9 December 2013 Estonia has been at the forefront of developing cyber norms, creating e-governance, managing cyber crime, managing interoperability among agencies, exploring how technology is used efficiently by societies and how it is impacted by development issues. It is truly E-stonia.  MCySec was very pleased to host Director General of the Estonian Information Systems Authority (RIA) which in charge of all cyber issues for Estonia, including their Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT). Their model is frequently cited and emulated by multiple countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. Mr. Priisalu is also Head of the Estonian Cyber Defense League (Küber-Kaitseliit) with whom the first EUCOM-funded, military-to-military cyber network operation familiarization exercise occurred in 2009.  His presentation on "Cyber Security: An Estonian Perspective" to students, faculty and staff from the Monterey Institute and Naval Post Graduate school was very well received.  He was bestowed the Order of Thor by the Military Cyber Professionals Association for his efforts that have benefited U.S. cyber security by MIIS President Sunder Ramaswamy.  Mr. Priisalu was joined by two members of his team at RIA:   Mr. Luukas Ilves Head of International Relations and Mr. Toomas Vaks, Head of Cyber Security.

22 November 2013  Dr. Itamara Lochard, Director of MCySec received the Order of Thor for her outreach on cyber efforts overseas with NATO and other partners from the Military Cyber Professionals Association. Two Monterey CySec Student Working Group officers Ben and Olga Volcsko were also recipients for their U.S. military contributions to cyber security. Vice-Admiral (USN, ret) Rowe, President of the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School bestowed the awards on base. 

21 November 2013 Dr. Itamara Lochard, Director of MCySec, was invited by founder CPT (US) Joe Billingsley to become a permanent member of the Military Cyber Professionals Association (MCPA) to include their STEP efforts to increase cyber security awareness in the United States and provide mentorship. MCySec has partnered with MCPA and will be working closely with the Monterey chapter which is affiliated with the Naval Postgraduate School.

15 November 2013 Dr. Itamara Lochard, Director of MCySec, spoke on "Non-State Actors in A Digital World" at the Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  The audience included the multilateral division, intelligence agency, institute for diplomacy, military academy and weapons demobilization divisions of the Macedonian MFA.

15 November 2013 Dr. Itamara Lochard, Director of MCySec, attended the signing of an MOU between MCySec and the Military Academy General Mihilo Apostolski of Macedonia. This is the first regional cyber security effort in Southeast Europe which is a follow-on to the October NATO ESCD Science for Peace-sponsored effort. It aims to provide training, education and awareness for all Balkan states. Given the strong support by the Macedonian Minister of Defense, First Secretary of the MOD and Dean of the Military Academy, the hope is that fostering the development of ICT security for the region will help ensure stability, peace and prosperity in the Balkans. Dr. Lochard received a plaque from the Macedonian Military Academy for her assistance in developing this initiative over the past year.

15 November 2013 Special Agent John Chesson of the FBI's San Francisco Office spoke on "Countering Cybercrime."

8 November 2013 Dr. Dorothy Denning, Distinguished Professor of the Department of Defense Analysis Department at the Naval Postgraduate School and a leading force in cybersecurity matters presented a talk on "Active Cyber Defense."

7 November 2013  Mikhail Yakushev, Chairman of the Executive Board of the Center for Political Studies in Moscow, presented on "The Challenge of Cybersecurity: Prospects for Global Governance on the Internet." The event was jointly sponsored by the Center for Nonproliferation Studies and MCySec.

5-6 November 2013 MCySec Researchers Dan Gifford and Ben Volcsko attended the East-West Institute's Fourth Annual Cyberspace Cooperation Summit in Palo Alto California. Events centered on building cooperation, capability and and strengthening conceptions of Cybersecurity issues on an international basis.

3-9 November 2013  Dr. Itamara Lochard, Director of MCySec, conducted executive education on "Terrorists' Use of Cyber for Istanbul Cooperation Initiative and Gulf States" at the NATO Center of Excellence - Defense Against Terrorism (CoE-DAT) in Ankara, Turkey. She created this course for NATO CoE-DAT in 2010 to incorporate policy, legal and technical aspects of this phenomenon. Dr. Lochard received a coin and certificate from NATO CoE-DAT for her efforts.

31 October 2013 MIIS Provost Amy Sands and MCySec Director Itamara Lochard participated in a Council on Foreign Relations round-table on "Defending an Open, Global, Secure and Resilient Internet" in San Francisco, CA.

21-26 October 2013 MCySec Director Dr. Lochard helped to launch the first NATO cyber defense training in the Balkans, in Ohrid, Macedonia / FYROM  sponsored by the NATO Science for Peace and Security Programme of the Emerging Security Challenges Division.  She assisted in establishing this effort over the past year with hosts from the Republic of Macedonia / FYROM and Slovenia. Participants included representatives from Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, Macedonia / FYROM, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia and the U.S. from the private sector, academia and government ministries. This inaugural step is the first in a series of planned efforts aims to increase awareness on cyber security, mitigate cyber threats and create stability in the region by fostering cooperation on cyber matters.

24 October 2013 Jonathan Reiber, Chief Strategy Officer in the Cyber Policy Office under the Secretary Of Defense, spoke to MIIS and NPS students, faculty and staff about the Defense Department's Cyber Security policy strategy.

10 October 2013 Director of the Monterey Institute's CySec Initiative Dr. Itamara Lochard presented the findings of the "Dynamics of the Local Situation" panel at NATO headquarters in Brussels last week, highlighting the role of how non-state armed groups employ technology and how technology can be used to increase situational awareness by the Alliance.  She has chaired this panel for the past two years as part of the Human Aspects of the Operational Environment project of the NATO HUMINT Center of Excellence. The effort is sponsored by the NATO Science for Peace, Counter-Terrorism Programme of Work of the Emerging Security Challenges Division, chaired by NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary General Dr Jamie Shea.

30 September 2013 A memorandum of understanding to increase cyber security efforts is formally established between the Monterey Institute of International Studies and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.

26 September 2013 Dr Itamara Lochard, Director of MCySec was invited to participate at a cyber security dinner with Estonian President Toomas Ilves  and the Estonian Ambassador to the United States.  The event was hosted by Admiral Stavridis (USN retired), former SACEUR and Dean of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.

25 September 2013 Dr Itamara Lochard, Director of MCySec was a panelist on cyber issues at the "Information for Strategists' Speaker Series" at the National War College of National Defense University, Ft McNair, Washington, DC.

23 May 2013  Dr. Itamara Lochard, Director of MCySec, conducted pre-ISAF deployment training on "Patterns of Hybrid Threats" at the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps - Turkey (NRDC-T).

22 May 2013  Dr. Itamara Lochard, Director of MCySec, conducted pre-ISAF deployment training on "The Economic / Corruption Element in Afghanistan" at the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps - Turkey (NRDC-T).

21 May 2013  Dr. Itamara Lochard, Director of MCySec, conducted pre-ISAF deployment training on "The Information / Cyber Element in Afghanistan" at the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps - Turkey (NRDC-T).