CSUMB Courses

Under a cooperative agreement with CSUMB, MIIS students are able to take courses there.


Below are the cyber-related courses offered Spring 2014 at MIIS.


Nuclear Treaty Verification in a Virtual World. Using Second Life and other virtual environments, this course studies the possibility of virtually training verification teams for WMD disarmament efforts. 


Non-State Actors in a Digital Age. This course explores how the interplay of non-state actors and cyber issues has fundamentally changed our understanding of conflict and security in the digitized twenty-first century.


Data Analysis for Public Policy. This course is an introduction to inferential statistics with an emphasis on Policy Analysis applications. Topics to be covered include sampling, estimation, hypothesis testing, analysis of variance, and simple and multiple regression analysis.


Advanced Data Analysis. This course covers modules on Factor Analysis, Non-Linear Regression, Spatial Analysis and Time Series Analysis, and its design has a strong emphasis on policy applications. Multiple data sets will be used, but students are encouraged to use their own data and background knowledge.

NPS Courses

Under a cooperative agreement with NPS, MIIS students are able to take courses at NPS