Campus Events

Here are other events and courses on campus and in the area which are of interest to the MCySec Community.

Spring 2014 Cyber Security Working Group Meetings

All CSWG meetings will take place on designated Tuesdays starting at 12:00 pm and will last 1-2 hours. The specific meeting locations will be announced when room reservations have been received. Each meeting topic will fall under a larger, general topic and will be led by a CSWG Executive Board Member. Meetings are meant to be a group discussion, not merely a lecture. The designated presenters will guide the meeting discussion in order to facilitate participation and encourage a group learning environment.

The Dark Underbelly of Cyber

  • 04 February 2014 - Bitcoin Market / Navigating the Deep Web (led by Dan Gifford)
  • 18 February 2014 – Cyber Concerns for Social Media (led by Elizabeth Berger)

Analysis of Hacktivist Groups

  • 04 March 2014 - Anonymous (led by Dave Schmerler)
  • 01 April 2014 - Syrian Electronic Army (led by Dan Gifford)
  • 15 April 2014 - Lulzsec (led by Dan Gifford)

Cyber Security Country Profiles

  • 29 April 2014 – People’s Republic of China (led by Ben Volcsko)
  • 05 May 2014 – Russian Federation (led by Dave Schmerler)