MIIS CySec Website

Please visit the MIIS Cyber Security Initiative (MIIS CySec) website for additional information on our efforts. Here you can find details on our director, fellows, partners as well as our nearly 40 faculty, and senior staff. In addition, we list current and past events, speaker series and blogs. We also provide academic, international, U.S. government, private sector and think tank resources on cyber hygiene, news, terminology, publications, cyber threat maps, all existing cyber security polices of nation states and international agreements. Welcome!

MIIS CySec Mission

Our mission is to create an interdisciplinary, networked platform to assess the policy impact of the information age on security, peace and communications in international affairs.

This includes hard security, human security, economic/business issues, language and linguistics, social media, digital ethics and environmental issues.

Housed in the Office of the President, we: a) provide input and coordinate the Institute’s existing efforts related to information, communication and technology in multiple fields; b) create a collaborative community of interest to increase public-private partnership; c) provide a forum for international, key-leader engagement; and d) develop research and education on cyberspace issues.

Creating a Network to Secure a Network...

MIIS CySec's model is premised on the notion that building an international, inter-disciplinary network amongst key stakeholders provides a balanced voice on salient topics related to information. By partnering with multiple institutes locally, nationally and worldwide we aim to leverage the many strengths of various existing efforts to better assess contemporary cyberspace threats and garner potential opportunities for peace.

We also host small, key-leader-engagement meetings on cutting-edge topics in a Chatham House rules format to create a community of interest on various aspects of cyber policy. We have partnered with the Highlands Group to pave the way to fully developing a Highlands Forum model for academia.

Finally, MIIS CySec maximizes its geographical location near Silicon Valley to better reflect the pulse of the San Francisco Bay Area  as well as international perspectives. By engaging in public-private partnership efforts, we aim to inform policy makers from a bottom-up approach that complements existing efforts. 

Please visit our website for additional information!