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What are the technical specifications for the submissions?
All submissions must be sent to us via email at either or The submission should include the completed submission form. Here are the specific details for each type of submission:
  • Photo - attach a jpeg file with the photo to the email and attach the 150-200 word essay explaining the photo.
  • Short video - Please create the video and upload it to YouTube (see instructions below). Put the link to the YouTube video into the body of your submission email.
  • Website - Please include a link to the website in the body of your email.
  • Musical Recording - Please send us the recording either as an mpg file attached to the email or through YouTube, with the link to the video in the body of your submission email.
  • If you decide to use another format, please just contact us to make sure the format will be approved and then we can give you the technical specification of how to send the submission to us.
YouTube instructions: Follow the directions for uploading a video to YouTube that are provided with whatever editing software you are using or on the YouTube website. On the video dashboard, click on the small padlock symbol next to your video. This will take you to the privacy settings. Set the privacy settings to "unlisted". That allows us to view the link, but the submission is unsearchable. After the competition, you may switch the privacy setting to public if you wish to do so. Copy and paste the "Video URL" into your submission email. This appears on the same privacy settings page.