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John Holman Memorial Scholarship Fund


The John Winchester Holman Memorial Scholarship Fund (for the year 2014) was established to honor the memory of a man who may be remembered for his many contributions to peace. John began his career in Vietnam, joining the army after a spur of the moment decision he made after a solitary visit to Dachau (a concentration memorial camp in Germany). He was convinced that the military was the only way to help prevent this sort of atrocity from happening in the future. His service in Vietnam (1967-1968), seeing the suffering and death of innocent civilians, changed this notion forever and John dedicated himself to resolving conflicts without violence.

John became active in the anti-War movement and worked with John Kerry, among others, to establish a chapter of Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) in Westchester County, NY. John together with his wife, Wendy Hyatt-Holman, founded The Forum for US – Soviet Dialogue (aka American-Soviet Youth Forum), a non-profit (501 c3) organization whose mission was to promote dialogue and increase understanding between the two countries at a time of heightened tension and fear during the Cold War.  Annual conferences were held – one year in the USA and the next in the USSR – from 1972. John as the Executive Director ran the organization for 10 years.

In 1977, John was hired as the Director of Development for the “US Peace Academy Campaign” which after many years of legislative haggling - became what we now know as the US Institute of Peace in Washington, DC. He went on to work for a number of non-profit organizations dedicated to causes he believed in, including A Better Chance; Physicians for Social Responsibility; Friends of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial; Delphi International; and eventually the Institute of Conflict Analysis and Resolution (ICAR) at George Mason University. John subsequently moved on to the World Watch Foundation and then to the Jane Goodall Foundation.

John passed away on June 22, 2013 after a brave seven-year battle with lung cancer. Until the end, John remained committed to building peace in the world, especially troubled by the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Director of the Centre, Dr. Iyer established this memorial fund together with the Holman Family (John’s wife Wendy and son Sean and daughter, Johanna).

The John Holman Memorial Scholarship Fund (for the year 2014) provides scholarships to students who are selected by CCS as Peacebuilders Fellows. A Peacebuilder Fellow is a storyteller for peace. Fellows travel to conflict zones and gather personal stories of those involved in conflict. These stories will be told through various forums with a goal of giving a voice to the voiceless – which John would have cherished.

We urge you to donate generously in the memory of this GREAT man! To donate, please contact Dr. Pushpa Iyer.

This scholarship fund is set up only for the first pilot program (2014) of the Fellowship and will be renewed subject to availability of funds.