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Peacebuilders Fellowship

CCS is pleased to announce the launch of the Peacebuilders Fellowship - a summer fellowship program for graduate students.This first batch of Peacebuilder Fellows will begin their fellowship in summer 2014.

We are excited to announce the 2014 Peacebuilder Fellows

In keeping with the mission of the Center, the goal of the Peacebuilders Fellowship is to give a voice to the voiceless. Fellows will spend around two months in the field and collect stories of people who have experienced conflict. The hope is that the individual stories will give face to adistantconflict, providing empirical knowledge which in turn will empower people to act. Peacebuilder Fellows are therefore, storytellers for peace. Additionally, this supports the Center's slogan "Knowledge as Action; Action as Change."

For the year 2014, the Center will be focusing on water related conflicts and the Peacebuilders Fellowship will emphasize the gathering of stories of individuals who are stakeholders whose interests have clashed over water.  The four regions of focus for the year 2014 are Asia, Latin America, Africa and Middle-East. The four countries for study in these regions are:

1. Burma (Myanmar)

2. Mexico 

3. Ethiopia 

4. West Bank (and Israel)

A total of eight fellows (two fellows for each one of the four countries decided) will travel over the summer gathering stories. Mandatory pre-departure trainings will be conducted in the third week of May 2014. Fellows are expected to be in the field for 8 to 10 weeks in the period between June 1 and August 15. Upon return, fellows will work with CCS to present these stories over the web. Stories will be told through a variety of platformsaudio podcasts, video interviews, testimonials and digital storytelling.

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