Center for Conflict Studies Knowledge as Action, Action as Change

Get Involved

There are many ways in which you can be involved with us:


Undergraduate and graduate students of conflict resolution, peace studies, development or related fields are welcome to apply. We have a wide range of tasks that interns can assist with depending on their own interests.


We welcome scholars including PhD candidates to engage in one of our focus areas of interest. Researchers are also welcome to create their own focus areas. Researchers will be asked to write a working paper at the end of their research.

Member Authors

If you have a thought, an idea or a question to raise on any current conflict issue in the news, jot it down and we will publish it in our Wandering Thoughts forum.

Contributing Authors

If you are interested in writing a commentary on any conflict issue, Reflections, our quarterly magazine is the forum.

Please contact if you're interested in getting involved.