2013 Annual Conference

Maneuvering the Maze: Understanding Justice in Conflicts

November 14-16, 2013, Monterey, CA

This conference seeks to explore the many notions of justice, the importance and role of justice in conflict and peace, the various approaches to justice, and the key players involved in providing, seeking and receiving justice. View the schedule and panel topics for more details.

2012 Conference Symbol

2012 Annual Conference

Religion & Gender: Identity, Conflict and Power

November 8-12, 2012, Monterey, CA

The conference will highlight the complex relationships between religion and gender in a global context. It seeks to explore conflicts that arise at the nexus of gender and religion while simultaneously promoting spaces for empowerment that arise in these interactions. View the schedule and panel topics for more details.

2013 CCS Conference Keynote Speaker

2013 CCS Conference Panel Discussion