Center for Conflict Studies Knowledge as Action, Action as Change

Call for Proposals

Call for proposals – deadline extended to April 30, 2012

Conference Theme: Religion & Gender: Identity, Conflict & Power

We invite proposals from graduate students, academics, and practitioners in religion, gender, conflict studies and other related disciplines who can offer perspectives from their empirical research particularly but not limited to the following conference sub-themes:

  1. Religion and Gender Roles
  2. Patriarchy and Religion
  3. Religion, Gender and Education
  4. Women’s Rights and Religion
  5. Religion and Sexual Identity
  6. Religion, Gender and the Right to Health
  7. Religious Fundamentalism and Gender Discrimination
  8. Culture, Gender and Power
  9. Race, Religion and Gender
  10. Gender Based Violence and Religion
  11. Religion and Gendered War
  12. Gender and Religious Roles in Peacebuilding
  13. Religious Law and Gender
  14. Feminization of Religious Movements
  15. Women as Religious Leaders
  16. Gender, Justice and Religion
  17. Media, Gender and Religion

Submission Format

All proposals, of 400-500 words, together with a bio of 100-150 words should be submitted in Word format. Proposals must include the specific dates of when empirical research was or will be conducted. All proposals must be received by midnight (PST) on April 15, 2012. Selection of participation will be based on scholarly merit, depth of empirical research and relevance to conference topics.

Acceptance notices will be sent out by May 1, 2012.

The conference will conclude with a workshop where invited participants will collaborate with one another and experts to turn their papers into a collective publication. If you wish to participate in this workshop, and potential publication, then you must submit a complete draft paper by October 1, 2012.